Big news – US Foreign Minister in Israel; ‘Your existence will last forever’. Antony Blinken meets Netanyahu

Pudhari Online Desk: As the fierce conflict between Israel and Palestine started, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel’s capital Tel Avivla. He discussed it with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and testified that America is completely supportive of Israel. (Antony Blinken meets Netanyahu)

Israel and Palestine or the conflict America has been on Israel’s side since the beginning. Blinken’s visit is considered important when the situation in Israel is extremely sensitive. (Antony Blinken meets Netanyahu)

Blinken said, “Israel is capable of protecting itself. But we want to say that as long as America exists, America will be with Israel. We have promised to provide all necessary help to Israel and its struggle. Israel will supply weapons and interceptors. The first aid has reached Israel.”

He said, “What we have done is shocking. These are all fifty-five and difficult to understand. But the patience and unity shown by the citizens of Israel is incomparable.” I am here not only as America’s Foreign Minister but also as a Jew. My parents would have fled from Russia, but my father’s father had fled to Germany. “I can understand this sorrow.”

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