Bihar Court Orders: Dosa given sambar missing, now the restaurant will pay a fine of Rs 3500 to the customer


Bihar Court Orders: Whenever you and I plan to eat hotel food. We order what we like in its menu, many times something is written in the food item, we get something else. Many times we complain to the restaurant owner, then we agree to his words, but a customer in Bihar has done something which is inspiring for other consumers. A restaurant serving South Indian dishes in Bihar’s Buxar did not serve sambar to its customers in its menu item Special Masala Dosa with Sambar. Controversy erupted when sambar was not served with the special masala dosa priced at Rs.140. The case left the restaurant and reached the door of the court. While settling the dispute, the court imposed a fine of Rs 3,500 on the restaurant for not serving sambar with dosa to the customer. The consumer court observed that the denial of sambar to the petitioner caused him mental, physical and economic pain.

when is the incident

The incident is of 15 August 2022, when Manish Gupta, a lawyer by profession, ordered Masala Dosa for himself on his birthday. On reaching the restaurant, he ordered Special Masala Dosa Takeaway at a cost of Rs.140.

How the Dosa-Sambhar dispute reached the court

On reaching home, the lawyer was disappointed when he did not get sambar with dosa. Enraged, he went back to the restaurant and inquired about the missing sambar from his order. The restaurant owner did not take the customer’s complaint seriously. ‘Would you like to buy the entire restaurant for Rs 140’ replied something like this. Objecting to which the lawyer sent a legal notice to the restaurant. When no response was received, he lodged a complaint with the District Consumer Commission.

Bihar Court Orders

After 11 months, a Division Bench of Consumer Commission Chairman Ved Prakash Singh and Member Varun Kumar took note of the mental, physical and economic suffering caused to petitioner Manish Gupta and found the restaurant guilty. The court imposed a fine of three and a half thousand rupees on the restaurant. The fine was imposed in two parts. Rs 1,500 as litigation cost and Rs 2,000 as principal fine.

45 days to pay the fine

The restaurant has been given 45 days to pay the fine. The court also said that if the payment is not made on time, the restaurant will also have to pay 8 percent interest on the fine amount.

Many times, despite knowing our rights, we remain victims by not using them in the right place. But this whole sentence of Buxar has explained that there is a law to protect the interests of the consumer, there is a need to wake up.

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