Bihar’s Shashank Kumar got success through hard work, now the trailer of his film ‘Acting Ka Bhoot’ is released.


Today again there is talk of Bihar. The reason is another talent of Bihar which has emerged in the country. Although there have been many big artists, scientists and scholars from Bihar even before, but today we are going to talk about a person who has established himself in the film world, who has proved himself at every step. Gave exams for, struggled and finally won. Today we are talking about Lala of Bihar “Shashank Kumar”, who traveled from Bihar to Mumbai and then to the film world and today has achieved his identity as a successful director and producer. This journey was not easy. In this journey “Shashank Kumar” gave a part of his life to struggle and sacrifice.

Shashank Kumar of Bihar achieved success through hard work

Shashank Kumar worked on the small screen after several projects. After doing many advertisements, in the year 2015, he turned towards the big screen and even after hard work, success was not achieved. In this struggle, Shashank Kumar came to know that it is as difficult as impossible for new artists to enter this Hindi film industry. Where people are already working by forming their own team. There new people have to struggle a lot to get into the team and already existing people do not allow new people to take their place.

Shashank Kumar worked hard

Shashank Kumar was very disappointed with this experience, but did not give up, and decided to create a platform where every artist can get work only on the basis of his quality, ability and talent. In this journey, Shashank Kumar, along with film actress “Rajni Katiyar” started a film production in Mumbai under the name “Mermaid Studio LLP”. In the beginning, there were many difficulties in adding people to this production. But it is said that if a person does any work with his conviction, hard work and honesty, then the whole universe supports such a person and this is what happened with Shashank Kumar, when he made his first film “Most Common Budbak”. For this he got the support of filmmaker Manoj Chowdhary.

Shashank Kumar got disappointed after his first film

Shashank Kumar made the film “Most Common Budbak” under his direction and this film was completed in 2020 and as the whole world knows, in 2020 crores of people became victims of Karona and Lockdown. At the same time, 2 days after the release of the film in 2020, there was a lockdown in India and due to this the film could not run and the producer of this film and Mermaid Studio suffered a lot. Where does one get success without exams? This hard work of Shashank Kumar and Mermaid Studio did not stop.

Shashank Kumar has brought the ghost of acting

Now in 2021, Mermaid Studio started again with a new film “Acting Ka Bhoot” and this time again Shashank Kumar made this film under his direction, but the exam was not over yet. Even after crores of rupees and hard work day and night in this film, this film could not get any stage, and this film could not be released even after its completion. Shashank Kumar did not give up courage, where on one hand he took care of himself. On the other hand, the artists and makers associated with the film also did not give up and kept faith that they will accept the film only after releasing it.

Ghost of Acting will be released in theaters on this day

Shashank Kumar decided that until he releases this film, he will not make any other project and in this way day and night he tried to release and make only the film “Acting Ka Bhoot”. It was not easy, everyone’s hopes were shattered now. But one person neither gave up hope, nor gave up effort, and like every night there is a morning, a day came when everyone got the news that this film “Acting Ka Bhoot” was going to be released. . The work of taking this film to the theaters with Zee Music Company has now been completed.

one who tries never loses

This time had made the whole team emotional. Everyone had regained their lost self and now a lot of news is coming about this film. Somewhere people and the audience do not know that how much time and struggle it takes to make a film and reach a point. Shashank Kumar not only gave a platform to emerging artists. Rather, it also proved that if a person wants, he can do anything. Shashank Kumar not only made his name as a director but also made Bihar famous all over India. Also created a platform for new artists. If seen, today a saying has been proved true “Those who try never lose”.

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