Bishan Singh Bedi: When Shane Warne would have taken Bishan Singh Bedi’s advice to ‘out’ Sachin

Pudhari Online Desk: Former Indian spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi passed away at the age of 77. Bedi would have been not only a batsman for the Indian team but also one of the great bowlers of his generation. There was a time when Shane Warne would have taken the advice of Bishansing Bedi to get out the great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. ‘Don’t set the field for bad bowling’, Bedi would have said. Bedi made this revelation on Gaurav Kapoor’s ‘Breakfast with Champions’ show. (Bishan Singh Bedi)

“Warne asked me how Sachinla should bowl? So how should I get him out? He would have said. Bedi Varnla said, “Short leg, slip fielding is required to get Sachila out. “Or are you making fun of me?” Warne asked in surprise. (Bishan Singh Bedi)

After this Varnala replied, Cricket is my favorite game. As I said, fielding was neither to get Sachin out nor to put pressure on him. Shivaay further said Bedi. ‘Shakya Aseel tar mid offla one fielder Aseela Hawa. Your fielding is in his best interest. Shane Warne would have bowled the ball and Sachin would have tricked him out.

Bishan Singh Bedi, aged 77, breathed her last on Monday (Dec. 23). Bedi played 77 innings for India. In this, he bowled four wickets 13 times, five wickets 14 times and 10 wickets once. He would have taken 273 sacrifices in his entire career.(Bishan Singh Bedi)

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