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zero hour in rajya sabha At the time, BJP MP Ashok Vajpayee demanded a blasphemy law in the country in view of the increasing cases of blasphemy in the country. In support of his demand, Ashok Vajpayee said that more than 100 countries have blasphemy laws for those who insult faith. He said that there are 125 crore Hindus in India and they are liberal and tolerant but incidents of attack on their faith are seen every day. Vajpayee said that such incidents have come to light many times in which followers of other religions make derogatory remarks against Hindu gods and goddesses, write articles and even draw pictures which hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community, but there is no provision for appropriate punishment against them. Not there. He called it a very serious matter and also mentioned an incident from Rajasthan. He said that my appeal would be that a law against blasphemy should be made in the country. Religion, symbols of religion, comments against religion. There should be a provision for strict action against actions like literature or pictures.
The demand made by Ashok Vajpayee is appropriate and timely. No one hesitates to hurt the sentiments of the majority Hindu community of the country. Because he realizes that as a follower of Hindu law, his reaction will not be as violent as that of those who follow other religions, especially Islam.
In most of the Christian and Islamic countries in the world, blasphemy laws are in place and they are strictly followed. In countries like Pakistan, this law is also misused against minorities. Every day, cases of mob lynching of members of minority communities in the name of blasphemy also come to light. Perhaps India is the only country where hurting the sentiments of the majority Hindu community has become an everyday thing.
It has become a common thing to abuse or condemn Hindu gods and goddesses and Hindu traditions and customs. In response to this, if any particular Hindu person speaks out, he receives death threats and in many cases, murders have also taken place. Ashok Vajpayee’s demand has merit and is also justified. Because when blasphemy becomes a law in the country, everyone will have to face the punishment for their actions as per the law. Today’s situation regarding blasphemy is like Jungle Raj which is obsessive and powerful. He is not afraid to take the law into his own hands and carry out his nefarious intentions. Because he knows that there is no strict law regarding blasphemy in the country.
According to the Constitution, all religions should be respected but in case of insult, the situation is unbalanced due to the absence of blasphemy law. There is a need to enact blasphemy laws to strike a balance. But it has to be ensured that it is not misused.

-Irwin Khanna, Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu

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