Blaupunkt launches new Bluetooth speaker, you will be surprised to know its features


Blaupunkt, a leading audio and electronics brand from Germany, has launched its innovative SBA100 soundbar. This soundbar is a hi-tech music solution that can convert the house into a banging party place within minutes. Customers get to see a lot of features in this soundbar. Its crystal clear audio completely transforms your music listening experience. It is also economical, so buying it does not put a burden on your pocket.what is the specialty

With 100W of powerful pure audio, this soundbar comes with 4 x 2.25 inch speakers spread evenly across the entire frame. It has deep recesses on its sides which work to spread the music evenly and also enhance the audio experience. Its clarity through the volume levels is loud. The bass offered in it offers you very good audio even in a large room.

Blaupunkt has ensured that all the controls are at your fingertips with this soundbar, as these devices are used for all audio and visual content. Blaupunkt has created an equalizer with 3 sound modes including: – Movie, News and Music. All of these can be controlled with a full function remote. The Blaupunkt full function remote has bass, EQ, track, mode and inputs. The range of remotes is perfect for any size room.

The SBA100 has an all metal design. There are no edges, the finish is smooth, and the entire unit is dedicated to offering quality audio. It is made using high grade aluminum. This means it is light and strong. Being metal has reduced vibration. This makes the audio even better.

Blaupunkt made connectivity easy for everyone. It’s a soundbar that you can connect to all your devices. HDMI ARC, optical, USB and aux ports are provided in it. Also, the latest version of Bluetooth has been given in it. The Blaupunkt SBA100 is priced at Rs.4,999 and is available on Amazon.

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