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The US recently said it would impose visa restrictions on Chinese officials who force Tibetan children to integrate into mainstream Chinese society. Discussing this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wanpin said that America ignored the facts and imposed illegal sanctions on Chinese officials on the basis of the issue related to Tibet. This is a serious interference in China’s internal affairs and a serious violation of the careful basic norms of international relations.

This seriously harmed China’s interests. China opposes and strongly condemns this.
Wang Wanpin further said that in line with general international practice, China’s boarding schools are established according to the demand of local students. Boarding schools exist in every province and autonomous region of China. Some areas in China’s Tibet are located at high altitude, where the population is highly scattered.

The journey to and from school is long and inconvenient, especially for the children of shepherds. Decentralized school management makes it difficult to ensure the number of teachers and teaching quality. Boarding schools were established out of real need to guarantee that all children have equal rights to education. Students and their parents decide whether to go to boarding school or not as per their wishes and requests.

Boarding students can go back home every weekend and during festivals such as Tibetan New Year and Shoton Festival and during winter and summer holidays. At the same time, parents can go to school and see their children at all times and can take the children home if needed. The respective schools hold traditional cultural classes such as Tibetan language and folk dance and serve traditional foods. Students can wear ethnic attire in school. Boarding schools in Tibet show protection of human rights and cultural tradition. There is no so-called forced assimilation at all.

Wang Wanpin also said that look at America, more than 47 million native Indians were massacred in history. Minority ethnic people of African and Asian origin suffer from racial discrimination. Wang Wanpin said that the issue of Tibet is China’s internal matter. No external power can be allowed to interfere in this. The United States should respect the fact and keep its promise on the issue related to Tibet and stop interfering in China’s internal affairs and harming China’s interests on the issue related to Tibet. The US needs to immediately cancel the wrong decision, otherwise China will give a strong and strong response.

(Courtesy- China Media Group, Beijing)

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