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On January 4, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reached Lakshadweep surrounded by sea, from here he shared his picture and appealed to the Indians that those who like adventure should also keep Lakshadweep in their list. In response to the above appeal of Prime Minister Modi and the shared photographs, three Ministers of State of Maldives made objectionable comments, on which all three Ministers of State were removed from the post of Ministers by President Mohammed in view of the tough stance adopted by the Government of India. The matter worsened when objectionable demonstrations against Prime Minister Modi and India took place on the streets of Maldives.

Due to the anti-India policy adopted by Maldives, which is dependent on India not only in tourism but in many other things, most of the Indians canceled their trip to Maldives due to which many flights from India to Maldives had to be cancelled. According to Madhav Oja, Director of Blue Star Air Travel Services, there was 20 to 30 percent cancellation of direct flights from India to Maldives. There are 7 to 8 flights directly to Maldives daily across the country, including 3 flights from Mumbai alone. Madhav claimed that these flights have the capacity to take 1200 to 1300 passengers to Maldives every day. Among these, cancellation is the most important sign that people are changing their travel plans. President of Tour Operators Association of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and BJP leader Mohan Vinod claimed that Andaman is 10 times more beautiful and clean than Maldives. On the other hand, India is currently showing the way to the world.

For those who want to cancel their Maldives trip, angry over the statements of Maldivian leaders against India, travel services company Thrillophilia has announced to give 100 percent refund to them. The administration has given permission for new projects to promote tourism in Lakshadweep. In this group of 36 islands, there is human population on 10 islands. Here the government is increasing services for tourists through the Society for Promotion of Nature, Tourism and Sports. A 90-room hotel is proposed under Smart City. The country’s first water villa project has also been built by the private sector. Amidst the tension with Maldives, the Modi government at the Center has taken a big decision regarding Lakshadweep. The Government of India is going to build a new international level airport on Minicoy Islands of Lakshadweep. From where fighter jets, military aircraft and commercial aircraft will also operate. There will be a dual purpose airfield here. According to reliable sources of the government, a dual purpose airfield will be built on Minicoy Island.

Not only will fighter jets be operated from the airport, civilian aircraft will also be able to fly here. Also, landing and takeoff of military aircraft will be possible here. Earlier, the proposal to build an airfield only for military use had gone to the government. But now it has been upgraded again as a dual purpose airfield. If an airfield is built here, India will be able to keep a strict vigil all around in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Will be able to stop the activities of pirates. It will become easier for the Navy and Air Force to conduct operations in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Along with this, there will also be an opportunity to stop the increasing activities of China. The first proposal to build an airstrip on Minicoy Island was made by the Indian Coast Guard. Under the current proposal, this new airport and airfield will be operated by the Indian Air Force. At present there is only one airstrip around Lakshadweep. It is on Agati Island. Not all types of aircraft can land here. Sources said that the proposal to build this airport is foolproof. Has been reviewed many times. This entire island group came into discussion after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep.

Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu, who is currently on a five-day visit to China, has urged China to send more tourists to Maldives. It is noteworthy that Maldives’ debt to China is more than 40 percent of its GDP. China has taken 17 islands of Maldives on lease. The way China has trapped Maldives in its debt trap, now there is little possibility of Maldives getting free from it. Maldives government is a puppet government of China. Therefore it will do only what China wants. Understanding this situation and considering the comments of Maldivian ministers and the indecent display by the Maldivian people towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indians should boycott Maldives and pay attention towards Lakshadweep. With this one step, Maldives will know its worth and India’s money will stay in India and Lakshadweep will also develop.

The decision by the Government of India to build an international level airport in Lakshadweep is a step in the right direction. This will not only strengthen India’s security but will also provide economic benefits along with the development of the region.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor Dainik Uttam Hindu).

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