BP Monitor and 70+ Sports Modes for Rs 3499


Fire-Boltt is strengthening its hold in the smartwatch market by offering great features at an affordable price. The company’s new smartwatch Collide has some premium smartwatch features. Features like Bluetooth calling, more than 70 sports modes, 100+ watch faces, heart rate sensor are available in Collide with blood pressure monitor. This watch can be bought for Rs.3499 only. Is this watch a good product at this price? Know in this review:

The Fire-Boltt Collide is quite different in look from all the other Smartwatches. Unlike the rectangular or circular shape that usually comes, its shape is somewhat square, with flat edges and curved corners. This watch is available in many color options. We had the Matte Black color variant available for review. Along with this, golden accents have been given around the black straps and dial. Its aluminum frame gives a premium look to the watch. Also the watch is very light-weight. Its weight is 38 grams. You will feel comfortable wearing it all day long.

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The watch is IP68 water and dust resistant. Its build quality seems a bit compromised. Scratches come easily on this. Its silicone straps are of good quality and do not cause any problem on the skin even after wearing it for a long time. The watch comes with a rotating crown and supports multiple functions.

The Fire-Boltt Collide smartwatch comes with a square dial but its screen comes in circular at 1.32 inches. Display size is ok in this price. Basic features such as 360×360 pixel resolution, 500 nits brightness and rise-to-wake gesture are available in it. There is no auto-brightness feature in this, manual adjustment has to be done according to the light conditions. Many times there was some problem regarding touch in performing actions in the display. Delay in response or occasional problems can frustrate users.

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UI and App Connectivity
The UI of Collide is similar to the rest of the watches coming in this segment. The wearable comes with a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Swiping right brings up the details of all the pre-installed apps. On swiping left, widgets will appear, in which options like health rate, music player, etc. will be available. The notifications panel can be accessed by swiping up. Swiping down brings up the control menu.

app experience
Talking about app connectivity, it can be connected to the smartphone through GloryFit app. This app is available on both Android and iOS. It pairs easily with smartwatches. The UI of the app is clean and gives all the necessary information on the home screen itself. There are also many options to customize the watch in the app.

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Performance and Battery
Its performance can be called average according to daily use. Apps may occasionally switch between or experience delays in response. However, the watch has decent fitness tracking features that work well. With this, pulse rate, blood oxygen, step count can be measured, whose data is almost accurate. Sleep monitor feature is not available in it.

Blood pressure monitor is an added and good feature in the watch. With this feature, the basic idea of ​​blood pressure is definitely taken. Please tell, it should not be considered right for medical use. There was only a slight difference between the data received by it and the data of the blood pressure machine.

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Many sports modes are also available in it. However, its overall experience is definitely a bit bad due to the touch issues coming in the watch. Bluetooth calling such as making and receiving calls can be done from the watch when the smartphone is nearby. Let it be said here that the quality of the speaker of the watch is average and the quality of the microphone is a bit disappointing.

This watch can support you for 7 days in a single charge. Battery life also depends on your usage. It is backed by a 300mAh battery which charges from 0 to 100 percent in just over an hour. The cable for charging comes in its box.

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our decision
This watch can be bought online for Rs.3,499. Talking about the problems coming in it, its speaker quality is a bit poor and when using Bluetooth calling, the media file of the connected phone gets played, which can be a bit annoying. Its touch sensitivity and response also did not give a good experience.

If you can ignore these minus points, then Fire-Boltt Collide can be a good option according to the price. It comes with some new designs. Its fitness tracking and battery life are its plus points. Along with this, the watch also has a blood pressure monitor feature which is not available even in premium watches.

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