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North West Delhi Whoever saw the video on social media of the manner in which 16-year-old Sakshi was murdered in broad daylight in the Shahbad area of ​​the state, his heart trembled. According to the police, the accused of Sakshi’s murder has been identified as Sahil Khan (20) and has been arrested from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. At the time of arrest by the police, Kalava was tied in Sahil’s hand. Since then, efforts are being made to link this whole matter with love jihad. According to the police, Sahil Khan publicly attacked the teenager more than 20 times with a knife on a busy road and then killed her by stoning her. According to Delhi Public Relations Officer Suman Nalwa, Sahil used to repair refrigerators and ACs. He lived with his parents and three siblings in a rented house in Shahabad Dairy area. Police suspect that the accused’s strained relationship with the teenager could be a possible reason behind the crime. According to a police officer, ‘Only after getting the chat and call details of the deceased with Sahil, it would be known since when their relationship was and how they became friends.’

According to Delhi Police officials, the girl had gone out of her house to do some shopping on Sunday evening when she was stopped and attacked by the accused in a densely populated area. A video of about 90 seconds of the incident is being widely circulated on social media, in which the accused is seen repeatedly stabbing the girl after pushing her against a wall with one hand. He did not stop even after the girl fell to the ground and stabbed her more than 20 times, kicked her several times and then attacked her several times with a cement slab. The shocking indifference of the passers-by is also clearly visible in the video. Passers-by are seen watching the incident of attack, but they do not make any effort to save the girl from the barbaric attack. In the video, the accused is later seen leaving the scene normally. After some time he returns again and again attacks the girl with a cement slab. After this, he is seen leaving the scene comfortably.

This is not the first case of ensnaring girls in the trap of love by changing their names and hiding their religion. Such cases keep coming to the fore from many states of the country, when the girl comes to know about the boy’s religion, she wants to break the relationship. Yes, it is a common thing, but in all the cases that have come in the headlines, the manner in which the accused killed the girls is abnormal and inhuman. When a girl is trapped in the trap of love by hiding her religion and changing her name, then it is a kind of deception and this is also ‘Love Jihad’.

Along with the increasing cases of love jihad in India, the inhuman manner in which Hindu girls who have fallen in the trap of love have been murdered is highly condemnable. While the Hindu society needs to warn its daughters and sisters about ‘Love Jihad’, the government will have to ensure that such cases are ended within a time limit and the culprit gets the harshest punishment. The bitter truth is that in such cases, when due to the complexities of the judicial process, there is delay in getting the punishment to the culprit, then the morale of the criminals increases. Where the government needs to make a strict law regarding ‘Love Jihad’, the judiciary should ensure that the culprits of such inhuman cases are punished without delay, only then the morale of the criminals will be broken. When the society and the government work together against ‘Love Jihad’, then only such cases will be curbed.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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