Buy Water Purifier from Amazon Sale for less than 5 thousand rupees, check 5 such best cheap options – amazon great freedom festival sale 2023 cheapest deals on water purifier


Has gone live on Amazon with great discounts. In this sale, up to 50% discount is available on Home and Kitchen Appliances. On the other hand, if you are thinking of getting a Water Purifier, then you will get a huge discount of up to 75% in the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale. Many stages of purification have been given in these purifiers, which clean the harmful impurities present in the water and make it perfect for drinking. They also easily clean the impurities which are not visible in the water. Their look and design are also great.

All these purifiers are coming with different tank sizes. It adds minerals to the water and makes it healthy. This purifier from all top brands is ideal for home or office.

AquaDart Copper + Alkaline RO Water Purifier 12L:

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This Proven Water Purifier in Black and Copper color is coming with Test Adjuster Technology. This purifier is equipped with the quality of copper. Mineral RO + UV + UF purified has been given in this 12 liter water purifier. It can remove most of the impurities present in drinking water. You can use it both at home and office.

Key Features of Aquadart Water Purifier:

  • Equipped with copper quality
  • cleans up impurities
  • Has a capacity of 12 liters
  • clean bacteria and viruses
  • 12 stage filtration is given
  • have one year warranty
  • Equipped with UV Technology
  • Will make water healthy

Havells Fab UV Storage Water Purifier:

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This Havells Water Purifier is coming with Electrical Protection System. It has been given 3 way mounting. This purifier of white and green color is of compact design. Powerful purification technology of 5 stages has been given in it, Which cleans the water better and makes it bacteria free. It can purify 300 ppm water. You can wall mount it in the kitchen of your home.

Key Features of Havells Water Purifier:

  • 100% RO + UV purified
  • smart alert is given
  • Can do corner mounting
  • 5 stage purification is given
  • 7 liters transparent tank
  • Will get one year warranty
  • sleek design
  • completely cleans water

Livpure GLO PRO++ RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer, Water Purifier for Home:

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It is a water purifier to be set in less space. It has a storage capacity of 7 litres. This Water Purifier for Home can make borewell, tanker, municipal water water completely clean, healthy and tasty for drinking. It has 7 stages of purification. The indicator of power on, purification process and tank full is given in this purifier.

Key Features of Livpure water purifier:

  • Backed by 1 Year Warranty
  • made of plastic material
  • will give ultra filtration
  • Insect proof high quality tank
  • Sleek design purifier
  • given test enhancer
  • is a wall mounted installation
  • Will purify all types of water

Sure from Aquaguard Delight NXT 6L Storage UV+UF Water Purifier:

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This is a water purifier coming in a capacity of 6 liters. Its water is as clear as boiled water for 20 minutes. This UV+UF Water Purifier is coming with 5 stage purification. It has a tank full LED indicator. This purifier is made from plastic material. On buying it you will get a full 1 year warranty.

Key Features of Sure Water Purifier:

  • Has high storage capacity
  • water will be pure enough to drink
  • given ultra filtration
  • Can install in kitchen
  • Energy saving mode is given
  • is budget friendly
  • can be placed on the kitchen counter
  • Has a storage capacity of 6 liters

Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+UF+Taste Adjuster:

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If you want to keep your family safe from diseases, then you can install this purifier. It makes water drinkable after several purifications like RO+UV+UF+Taste Adjuster. The brand claims that this purifier can save up to 60 percent water. This purifier is getting a water tank storage capacity of 7 liters. It will get 1 year product warranty.

Key Features of Aquaguard Water Purifier:

  • Unique design purifier
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • 8 stage purification is given
  • Will get crystal clear clarity
  • LED indicator provided
  • Copper and Zinc booster technology has been given
  • with ultra filtration
  • given a transparent tank

Disclaimer: NBT journalists have not written this article. These products are available on Amazon till the time of writing this article.

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