Can India distance itself from Russia after getting closed to US or France Know what Western experts think


Moscow: India and Russia are two countries of the international community that have been together for the past seven decades. But after the equations made today, everyone wants to know how long these two will be together. After the Ukraine war which started in the year 2022, everyone wants to know the answer to this question. America and western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia. Where Ukraine was helped by giving weapons and dollars, the prices of oil coming from Russia were fixed up to $ 60 per barrel. India remained with Russia even in these situations and it flatly refused to leave its friend’s side.

India missing from condemnation motion

India remained absent when a resolution condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine was presented in the United Nations (UN). Apart from this, the import of Russian crude oil has increased tenfold in the last year. Along with this, India has also continued the purchase of Russian weapons and military equipment. In the last five years, India has successfully continued to tread the path of balancing relations with Russia and its western adversaries.

Why is India buying oil from Russia

Recently, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar made it clear that no pressure is being put by the government on Indian companies to buy Russian oil. He said, ‘We ask our companies to buy oil and advise them to choose the best option. It makes sense to go where we get the best deal in the interest of Indians. That is what we are trying to do. India has been kept away from US sanctions even after buying oil from Russia. Also, India is refining imported Russian crude oil and selling it to third countries. This is also helping Russia a lot.

will dreams come true

If foreign policy experts are to be believed, America and its allies are dreaming of separating India from Russia. He believes that if this happens, his camp can be strengthened. But they are also aware that practically it is not possible. They need India for their balance of power in South Asia. American security expert Boris Rivkin has written in The Telegraph that at present it is impossible to separate India from Russia. If America wants this, then it will have to adopt a very high level of diplomacy, which is a bit difficult.

always with pakistan
Boris reminded that 70 to 80 percent of the hardware in India’s forces is from the Soviet Union or Russia. Since 1992, two-thirds of arms imports have come from Russia. America and its Western allies have to overcome the thinking that has been going on since the Cold War. America had always supported its enemy in the Indo-Pakistan war. America stood with Pakistan every time including Operation Searchlight or Bangladesh Liberation War. At the same time, it had failed to give India the help it needed in its initial efforts at industrialization after independence.

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