Canada’s friendly countries pulled out, Indian World Forum asked for safety of Indian immigrants. Loktej World News

Ottawa, September 20 (HS). Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been isolated by blaming India for the killing of separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canada’s friendly countries have withdrawn their support from Canada on this issue. Meanwhile, the Indian World Forum has condemned the use of Canadian soil by terrorist organizations and asked the Canadian government to ensure the safety of Indian immigrants.

The Indian World Forum has strongly condemned the activities of illegal organizations, including Sikhs for Justice, to stalk and inflict violence on Indian immigrants in Canada. The Forum urged the Government of Canada to seriously consider this and take action. The forum said that nefarious elements including Khalistani terrorists Arshdeep Singh Dhalla and Gurpatwant Singh Pannu are plotting from Canadian soil. Canada should stop them from using their soil against mankind and nefarious activities. Any attempt to threaten Indian immigrants and their investments in Canada would violate the sanctity of the UN Charter and its conventions.

Even Canada’s friendly countries are not openly supporting Canada on this issue. Canada is part of the Five Eyes network, an intelligence alliance made up of five countries: the United States, England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Canadian media believe that Canada’s allies have not shown interest in getting involved in the growing dispute between Canada and India. These countries say that this matter should be investigated more thoroughly. When America expressed the need for a thorough investigation into the matter, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese refused to comment on the matter. Canada’s ally Britain also did not make any official announcement in this matter.

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