Canadian Army website hacked: Canadian Air Force website hacked: ‘Indian Cyber ​​Force’ claims


Pudhari Online Desk: Canadian Air Force’s official website has been hacked for some time on Wednesday (Dec. 27), hackers named ‘Indian Cyber ​​Force’ have claimed to have taken down.

According to the report given by ‘The Telegraph’, the Indian Cyber ​​Force or Hackers’ Code or social media has been hacking the Canadian Army’s website every now and then.

According to a report given by ‘The Telegraph’, hackers named ‘Indian Cyber ​​Force’ hacked the official website of Canada or Karachi. Or X (formerly Twitter) would have taken responsibility for the cyber attack. Daniel Le Bouthillier, head of media relations for Canada’s Department of National Conservation, told The Globe and Mail that the expenditure would have been significant for some time. Only then did everything settle down.

Indian Cyber ​​Force has mentioned in a post dated 12th January that “Canadian Air Force website has been hacked. Also share the screenshot of the error message on the website. , Meanwhile, the Canadian Forces, which covers all military operations in Canada, including the Canadian Naval Forces, Special Command Group, air and interplanetary operations, is currently investigating.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week leveled allegations against India in the death of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. After this, the ‘Indian Cyber ​​Force’ would have earlier given a hint through social media about the attack on Canada’s cyber space on September 21.

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