‘Celina Jaitley has slept with Firoz and Fardeen’, Celina Jaitly took action on viral news, got Pakistan’s support


The affair between Celina Jaitley and Fardeen Khan was discussed many years back. Even allegations were leveled against Celina that she had slept with Fardeen Khan and his father Feroz Khan. Then Celina also gave a strong reply to a Pakistani journalist who made these allegations. In the case, now Celina has revealed that the Ministry of External Affairs has taken up the issue with the Pakistan High Commission and demanded an inquiry. Celina shared the news in a long note on Twitter and also posted a picture of the letter that the Ministry of External Affairs has sent to the National Commission for Women (NCW).

Earlier this year, Pakistani journalist Umair Sandhu wrote in a tweet, “Celina Jaitley is the only Bollywood actress who slept multiple times with both father (Feroz Khan) and son (Fardeen Khan).” Celina replied to the tweet and got support from many people. Late actor Feroz Khan gave Celina her big break in his home production ‘Janasheen’ opposite his son Fardeen, which released in 2003.

Celina Jaitley Feroze Khan Fardeen Khan

Celina Jaitley’s relationship with Feroz Khan and Fardeen Khan

Celina Jaitly wrote on Sunday, ‘A few months ago, a journalist from Pakistan, Umair Sandu went viral on Twitter with false horrific claims about me, in which allegations were made about my relationship with both my mentor Feroz Khan and Fardeen. Apart from this, he also made several claims targeting my and my family’s security in Austria. My reaction to his fake claims from Pakistan went viral and got support from millions of Twitter users including Pakistanis who were shocked by this.

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Celina Detley took action

Celina further wrote that ‘Umair has changed his location online, but he is hiding in Pakistan’. She then decided to take the matter to the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the Commission took cognizance of her complaint and sent a letter to the Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs. The ministry has taken the incident seriously and has sought further investigation and action.

Pakistan is giving full support

Celina also shared that her fight against Umair is not just against the attack on her character, but it is also an attack on her family and above all her godfather Firoz Khan, who is no more. Celina also wrote a note for NCW and thanked them.

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