CEO of this company hired AI chatbot, fired 90 percent of support staff


New Delhi (Best Hindu News): Homegrown SaaS platform for online stores, Dukan, has laid off 90 per cent support staff after introducing AI chatbot for customer support. Sumit Shah, Founder and CEO of Dukaan, said that given the state of the economy, startups are prioritizing profits rather than striving to become unicorns, and so are we. We had to lay off 90 percent of our support team because of this AI chatbot, he posted on Twitter. It was difficult, but it is necessary.

According to him, the result was that the complaint or request was heard for 1.44 minutes and resolved in 3.12 minutes, as against the earlier time of 2.12 hours. This reduced customer support costs by 85 percent. At least it pays the bills, said Shah! Customer support has been a difficult thing for us for a long time and I felt like an opportunity to fix it.

A chatbot named Leena marked more than 1,400 support tickets as solutions, but according to Shah, this was only the beginning of the shop’s AI revolution. Shop CEO said, imagine having your own AI assistant who knows your business and can quickly answer customer queries 24/7, not just general queries, but user/account queries K too.

They said they are hiring for multiple roles in the store. He posted, If you are passionate about AI, E-Commerce, Product Design and want to be a part of the team, you know how to reach us.

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