Champai government is running on the edge of the sword, the crisis is never ending.

The INDIA government may have been formed in Jharkhand under the leadership of JMM leader Champai Soren, but the political crisis facing the government is not over yet. In fact, the opposition that started within the party after the then Chief Minister Hemant Soren started maneuvering to make his wife Kalpana Soren the Chief Minister in case of losing the chair, is raising its head in different forms from time to time. This was the first spark of rebellion against Hemant Soren, which underlined the feeling of dissatisfaction, indiscipline and disunity within the party, which Hemant either ignored or could not understand. However, he is a serious politician who is aware of the challenges. Therefore, it seems more likely that he would have ignored the spark of rebellion, the clear message of which was that the integrity of the party leaders remains intact only as long as Shibu Soren or his political heir Hemant has a strong hold on the party. Is. This means that as soon as the Soren family’s hold on the party weakens, a tussle will begin in JMM, as can currently be seen in the Congress party at the national level. By the way, Hemant Soren also came to know this time that there are many contenders for leadership within the party, who had also staked their claim for the post of Chief Minister in a hushed tone.

Let us tell you that the first voice of protest within the party was raised from Hemant Soren’s house itself, when his sister-in-law Sita Soren had clearly said that Hemant should take her forward instead of his wife Kalpana, but Hemant did not accept this. According to party sources, Hemant had a clear thinking in this matter that even if someone else had to be made the Chief Minister, he would never allow his own brother’s widow to become the Chief Minister. However, sources say that some other JMM MLAs had also expressed objection to the name of Kalpana Soren. Four to six MLAs were also missing from the emergency and very important meeting of INDIA called by Hemant Soren before the ED inquiry. Those who know and understand the politics of Jharkhand know that the words of former supremo Shibu Soren were considered the constitution of the party and his orders were considered the agenda of the party. At that time, none of the party leaders and workers had the courage to even raise their heads in front of the party supremo. This means that Shibu Soren had complete control and dominance over both his family and party. However, Hemant Soren succeeded in temporarily suppressing the spark of rebellion burning within the party, but to be honest, it can take the form of fire at any time.

Meanwhile, a new phase of dissatisfaction, indiscipline and disunity is being seen in Jharkhand within the Congress, the other major constituent of the INDIA alliance. Let us tell you that out of the 12 dissatisfied Congress MLAs who are angry over not getting ministerial posts after the recent cabinet expansion in Champai Soren’s government, 09 MLAs met the party’s National President Mallikarjun Kharge and Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal. They were camping in Delhi since 17th February to present their demands before them. It is worth noting that after several days, the party supremo had entrusted Madhya Pradesh Congress Legislature Party leader Umang Singhar with the responsibility of talking to the angry MLAs and convincing them, after which proved futile, ultimately KC Venugopal was appointed on behalf of the party. He was given the responsibility of meeting the MLAs and convincing them. According to reports, on February 20, KC Venugopal, who is close to the Gandhi family, met all the 09 MLAs camping in Delhi and held one-to-one talks, after which the attitude of the angry MLAs is now said to be soft. It is believed that the angry MLAs have been asked to wait for a few days, because removing Congress ministers from the newly formed Council of Ministers of Jharkhand now will send a wrong message to the public.

However, there is every possibility that the Congress supremo will try to appease the angry MLAs before the Lok Sabha elections. There is also a possibility that such promises may have been made to them to convince them. However, if we look at it, the resentment within the Congress has calmed down for the time being, but this peace cannot be permanent, rather it is more likely that it will prove to be the calm before the storm in the sea, because the Congress in the Jharkhand Assembly. Currently there are 16 MLAs and all the MLAs aspire to become ministers. Obviously it is not possible for the Congress Party to do this.

It is worth noting that if the demands of the angry MLAs are accepted in time, the dissatisfaction and indiscipline within the party can lead to a major disintegration and breakdown. In other words, the Champai government seems to be walking on the edge of a sword. However, it is also worth considering that party president Mallikarjun Kharge did not meet the angry MLAs of his own party, but he immediately gave time to meet Jharkhand CM Champai Soren. It is understood that he has also given the political mantra to CM Soren to conduct caste census in the state. Let us tell you that caste census has already been included in the political agenda of Congress. Wherever Rahul Gandhi goes, he keeps expressing his views in favor of caste census.

By the way, Pradeep Yadav, the current Congress MLA who joined Congress from Jharkhand Vikas Morcha, has already been demanding to conduct caste census in Jharkhand and increase the reservation of backward classes from 14 percent to 27 percent. Recently, he had also submitted a memorandum to the CM regarding caste census, regarding which it is expected that the work of conducting caste census will start in Jharkhand as soon as the Lok Sabha elections are over.

-Chetnaditya Alok

Senior journalist, litterateur and political analyst, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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