Chandrayaan 3: India is on the way to become the fourth space superpower, history will change as soon as Chandrayaan is successful! learn how


Chandrayaan 3: In mythology where the Moon is considered the deity, the lord of beauty and arts. Also, in poetry and poetry, the moon was embellished as a metaphor for loving hearts. The vision of modern science has seen the moon as a satellite. The Moon has long been a center of curiosity for humans. Different civilizations of the world made many fantasies, myths and stories about the Moon and the Sun a part of their life and tradition.

Moon and Sun are such visible satellites and stars in the sky that when seen everyday with open eyes, the curiosity to reach them and know about them arises in the human mind. The Sun remains rare because of its distance and its hot nature, but the Moon, which is closest to the Earth and is said to be a satellite of our planet, has opened all possibilities for mankind to dream of settling and building on the Moon. are laid. colonies there. I can see

Significantly, due to the space war between the US and the Soviet Union that started in the 60s and 70s, the US landed two of its astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on the surface of the Moon in the year 1969 under Apollo. Purpose- After this many Apollo missions were sent to the moon.

However, since Gene Cernan in 1972, no other astronaut has yet set foot on the surface of the Moon. At the same time, America and the rest of the world are gearing up to explore the moon again. Apart from America, Russia and European countries, India is no less curious and curious about the moon in the field of space. Indian scientists have been continuously cherishing the dream of going to the moon and hoisting the Indian tricolor there. After the partial success of Chandrayaan 2, India and Indian scientists are once again moving towards the Moon through their mission Chandrayaan 3.

Chandrayaan 3 will be launched by GSLV Mk III rocket

ISRO is going to launch Chandrayaan 3 on July 14, 2023 at 2.35 pm from Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. Under the Chandrayaan 3 mission, its robotic equipment will land on August 24 or 25 on that part of the Moon (Shackleton Crater) where no mission of any country has reached so far. For this reason, the eyes of the whole world are on this mission of India. Compared to earlier, this time the lander of Chandrayaan 3 will land in 40 times bigger area with stronger wheels. Chandrayaan 3 will be launched from GSLV Mk 3 rocket. In order to successfully land the lander on the lunar surface, many types of safety equipment have been installed in it. The theme of the Chandrayaan 3 mission is the science of the Moon.

shackleton crater

The Moon’s south pole is a large 4.2 km long Shackleton crater. Sunlight has not reached this special place for billions of years. Because of this, the temperature here remains -267 degrees Fahrenheit. According to experts, the amount of hydrogen at this place is very high. For this reason there can be presence of water here. Many scientists estimate that 100 million tons of crystallized water can be found near Shackleton Crater.

Shackleton Crater is a storehouse of many essential resources

In addition, essential resources such as ammonia, methane, sodium, mercury and silver can be found here. Under the Chandrayaan 3 mission, these places will be explored through the rover. With the help of the rover, the soil of the lunar surface, its temperature and the gases present in the atmosphere will be detected. Also how is the structure and geology of the south pole of the Moon? These facts will also be known.

How important is Chandrayaan 3 for NASA’s Artemis 3 mission?

Chandrayaan 3 is going to be very important for NASA’s Artemis-3 mission. Under the Artemis 3 mission, NASA is planning to land humans on the south pole of the Moon. In such a situation, the discovery of Chandrayaan 3 will provide data about the South Pole of the Moon. With this, NASA’s Artemis mission will get many important information about this special region of the Moon.

Will strengthen India’s threat in the global space race

Chandrayaan 3 mission will be a symbol of human curiosity and present a picture of a changing India. Not only this, Chandrayaan 3 will strengthen India’s threat in the global space race.

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