‘Chandrayaan-3’ La Yashachi Surety Through Failure Based Approach


Sriharikota : Circle Organization : Moon’s attraction is eastward. Sakshat Prabhu Ramchandrahi would have been Hattala Petle for the childhood moon. At the end, there would have been a place to remove the moon on a plate filled with water. Chandra ha aapne mulancha mamach… Kunakade gele ki kaise wagawe, tayasya first rites get at maternal uncle’s house. Just like that, the secrets of the infinite universe were revealed, and its first step is the moon. India is ready to write a new chapter in the history of history at 2.35 pm on coming Friday. 23rd or 24th August or Tarkhanchi Mug to Wat Baghel… Vikram Lander Chandobawar Utartach Bharat Aise Yash Paryatonaranya America, Russia, China or superpowers yadit joan dhadkel. India’s fame is more resplendent than Kimbhauna or the three superpowers. The reason is, all these three countries have landed on the north pole of the moon. We are the first to dare to land on the south pole of the moon. That’s why the target of Indians like Chandrayaan-3 is set, as well as the target of Avaghya Jagad is towards India. (Chandrayaan-3)

Chandrayaan-3 will be launched from Sriharikota. The lander of Chandrayaan-2 mission would have crashed while landing on the moon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the then head of ‘ISRO’ Sivan would have been in awe of the country. Landing would not have been successful, because of fear, Savatakhali Avaghya Deshne Ghalvilleli ti 15 minutes today, they used to raise Angwar Kata.
ISRO has left no stone unturned to fulfill the unfulfilled dream of touching Chandrala. Chandrayaan-1 would have been a complete success. That’s why Chandrayaan-2 would have been the first base-based campaign; But she got limited success. Aap Chandravar Sthiravu Shaklo Nahi. That’s why Chandrayaan-3 campaign is based on the limited (limited) mission of Chandrayaan.
ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has conducted extensive study of various reasons for failure and related changes in Navya campaign.
Failure-based approach or selection for the campaign is meaningful because the country is eager to come forward.

From ‘NASA’ to ‘ISRO’, the moon’s moon boy?

‘ISRO’ is ready with Chandrayaan-3, as well as American Space Research Organization ‘NASA’ is currently working on Artemis mission. Chinalahi Chandravar aapla jam basaycha aahe.
Why is the moon so special for space scientists? The doors of entry of human beings to other planets in the universe including Suryamala will open from Chandramohimantu, it is because of this sacrifice.
The moon is made from the earth. The Moon is a testimony to the early history of the Earth. Due to various geological processes or historical records which have been confirmed from the earth, the moon is safe today.
The mystery of the origin of the earth was revealed by research on the moon. This is for the purpose of studying the side effects of asteroids that have hit the earth in the past and to know about the future of the earth.
Moon provides opportunities for testing materials and equipment under temperature and other extreme conditions. This previous experience will be suitable for campaigns on new planets.

Bharatch Khara Chandravali ‘Khatron Ka Khiladi!’

America, Russia, China or Deshni Aapalya Yanche’s landing plan on the north pole of the moon.
India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission will only work on the south pole of the moon.
Chandrayaan’s lander Chandravar landed at such a place, which never came before the earth.
Due to the active Kamalichi tectonic plate on the south pole of the moon, frequent earthquakes occur here.
There should be a large amount of ice in the moon’s orbit, it is a possibility. Or didn’t wake up to Persian information about Bhaga. As you get…

In ‘Chandrayaan-2’

In ‘Chandrayaan 2’, the lander would have to move faster to get off from the lunar orbit; But as soon as he turned, his speed decreased. ISRO had not even imagined such a pot.
In ‘Chandrayaan 2’, a small circle (500 by 500 meters) would have been fixed as the landing place for the lander.
Moon’s surface is not flat. Obddhobd ahe. Already the lander would have reached far closer to the surface. Smaller landing sites and less accurate landers automatically increase their velocity instead of decreasing it.
One day the landing place would have been reached there, and on the other hand it would have been kept limited. Due to the potholes and prolonged darkness, problems arose in finding the Lahansa landing spot.
In the absence of lunar atmosphere, special fuel (propellant) along with special braking system is required to slow down the speed of the lander. Tehi Purel would have been true.
For a moment, the lander would stabilize itself and take photographs of the lunar surface (to determine the landing site); But this time the engine developed more speed than expected. (The work of 5 engines in the lander was to reduce the speed.) The speed of the lander increased and it became unstable. Margkramanch Bharkatale.

Improvements in Chandrayaan-3

Measures have been taken to keep the rice as new as it comes. अभिभाव्य है Chandrayaan 3 mission landing site 4 km. m. By 2.5 km Have come to be sure.
Assuming a possible increase in migration for landing at one place, rather than choosing an alternative place, the evidence for fuel has increased.
Energy generated blocks are to be read new, such arrangements have been made under the new campaign. The new mission also has additional solar panels with the lander.
In ‘Chandrayaan 3’ the software, hardware and precision procedures of landing have undergone positive changes with step-by-step modifications.
Chandrayaan-3’s launch path will not change even after a while and ISRO’s contact with it will not be broken, such is the plan. आहे यश्वस्य लिंडिंग्च्या आशेला न्यवा महीनित आकाशही थेंगने आहे ।

Chandrayaan-2′ crash near the lander

Chandrayaan-2 would have been launched on July 22, 2019. On September 6, the lander would have been expected to land on the moon. After landing, the rover Pragyan would have to come out from the lander and it would have walked on the lunar surface for one day on the moon i.e. 14 days on the earth. amendments had to be made; But I could not stand it. On 7th September, the three-day-old crash-landing remained awake till midnight, with millions of eyes wide open.

lunar landing based on sunrise

While landing, when the sun will rise or when the moon will rise, the date of soft landing on the moon is fixed. The moon shines for 14-15 days in a row and it is night for 14-15 days in a row.

What is a failure based approach?

Creating a project after reviewing all the possibilities of failure in advance is a failure-based approach…
Taking into account all the possibilities of failure, ‘ISRO’ has made corrections in the continuation of the possibility of destruction of the new mission.
Important steps, components, standards, potential diversity potentials are done under a thorough evaluation or vision.

Hey know…

Chandrayaan-3 has 4 payloads in the lander and 2 payloads in the rover. State-of-the-art instruments from the lunar orbit will study the earth’s polarimetry.
Like Chandrayaan-2, in Chandrayaan-3, the lander boat Vikram (Vikram Sarabhai, the father of Indian space program) and the rover boat Pragyan Hech Asel.

What after Chandrayaan-3?

After Chandrayaan-3, ‘ISRO’ is going to launch a new lunar expedition with Japan. Talks are on with Japan’s JAXA or Space Research Organization in this regard. Apart from this, ‘ISRO’ is implementing the solar campaign to study the Sun.

The Avagha contours of Chandrayaan-3 are based on the failure of Chandrayaan-2. There is a campaign of 615 crores and infinite sufferings only for success.
– S. Somnath, Chairman, ‘ISRO’

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