ChatGPT Google Bard WhatsApp: How right is it to blindly trust the gurus of the digital world? Learn on Teacher’s Day

chatgpt whatsapp google bard as teachers

ChatGPT Bard Google WhatsApp As Teachers: Today is Teacher’s Day, ie Teacher’s Day. There is a proverb prevalent in our Sanatan culture – Where is Guru without knowledge. It means that no one can take the place of teacher in our life.

ChatGPT and Google Bard

But in today’s run-of-the-mill life, we have become so engrossed that we want everything instant. In the era of internet, the importance of Guru has probably started decreasing. In the affair of instant information, people search for anything on the internet and find its answer.

google as a teacher

The thing to keep in mind here is that every information given on the internet is not necessarily correct every time. In this era of internet, Google and WhatsApp are the biggest sources of information. On the other hand, ChatGPT has created so much hue and cry in the last few days that people have started asking all kinds of questions about it. But how accurate is their information? Let’s know-

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It is necessary to check the knowledge of Google Guru

Google Baba is the most popular in the digital world. This is not only a guru, but a mine of knowledge. With just one click, you get the answer to your question immediately. But while it is easy to get knowledge from this guru, the knowledge gained from him is not always correct. It is necessary to check the veracity of the information received from Google through some other means.

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Whatsapp guru is also not reliable

WhatsApp gurus keep sharing knowledge from morning to night faster than Google gurus. Through this, there is rain of knowledge without asking. In addition to good morning, good night messages, jokes, remedies for illness, solutions to socio-economic mental problems. Can’t find anything here? Sometimes a miracle, sometimes the provocative talk of religion reaches our phones. Before reaching any decision on all these things, we must apply our mind.

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Also recheck ChatGPT – Bard’s answer

Chatbots like Artificial Intelligence based ChatGPT and Bard are being used indiscriminately these days. Along with knowing the answers to trivial questions, people are even getting poems and thesis written on it. But after going to these platforms and finding answers to the questions, it is also necessary to apply your intelligence before trusting them. Whatever content comes in front of you in the output from these, it must be cross-checked once, otherwise you may have to give and take.

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