ChatGPT will make you poor! Keep these 4 things in mind when downloading chatgpt mobile app


Ever since the inception of ChatGPT, many news have come about it till now. ChatGPT is a tool that can answer all your questions. Regarding this, it has also been said that it will be made available in many languages ​​going forward. ChatGPT’s app has also been listed on the Google Play Store. Ever since its official app has been listed, many fake ChatGPT apps have been flooded on the Google Play Store. In such a situation, you should take care of some things before downloading the ChatGPT app.

Security Risk: Many times people take the risk of downloading ChatGPT mobile app from unknown sources. This risk can completely spoil the user’s device. Also data can be stolen. Fake apps of ChatGPT steal user’s data and install malware on their devices.

What is Chat GPT? How this new tool of Artificial Intelligence works

Privacy Risk: To use the ChatGPT mobile app, the app asks for access to the microphone, camera, contacts, and storage from your device. All these permissions are not necessary for this app. In such a situation, do not provide these permissions to the app.

Reliability: ChatGPT is an AI model that requires significant computational resources to run. However, there are mobile apps that claim to work like ChatGPT but they are not official. As such, they cannot be trusted. Before downloading this app, you have to check the source and credibility of the app thoroughly.

Official Support and Updates: If you download ChatGPT from an unofficial source, you will not receive its updates. In such a situation, things like bug fixes, security patches or improvements in AI models will not be given in the app.

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