Cheap tomatoes will be available here, the central government has opened a shop, know how much it will cost


The issue regarding the price of tomatoes has become very hot in the country. If you go to buy tomatoes in the retail market, you may have to pay up to Rs 300 per kg for this. Meanwhile, in the midst of ever increasing prices, now the Consumer Affairs Ministry had decided to sell tomatoes at a price of Rs 90 per kg to provide relief to the general public. But after this once again the National Consumer Cooperative Federation under the Consumer Affairs Ministry has decided to cut the prices of tomatoes. Tomatoes will now be sold at Rs 80 per kg instead of Rs 90 per kg at the government price.

cheap tomatoes being sold at 500 centers

In order to control the ever-increasing prices of tomatoes, the central government has decided to sell tomatoes at a cheaper price at 500 government centers across the country. Not only Delhi NCR, but in different areas of the country, the government has started selling tomatoes at a cheaper price to provide relief to the consumers. Buying tomatoes from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the National Consumer Cooperative Federation was selling directly to buyers at a price of Rs 90 per kg, but now its prices have been reduced by another Rs 10. After the cut, tomatoes are now being sold at the rate of Rs 80 per kg.

Government of India gave information

Giving information, the Government of India said that after re-assessing the situation at more than 500 points across the country, it has been decided to sell tomatoes at Rs 80 per kg from today, July 16. The sale through NAFED and NCCF has started from today at many points in Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Patna, Muzaffarpur and Arrah. It will be expanded to more cities from tomorrow based on the prevailing market prices at such locations.

Because of this the prices of tomatoes are increasing

The biggest reason behind the increase in the prices of tomatoes across the country is said to be the heavy monsoon rains and the supply being affected. Due to excessive rains, a situation of water-logging has arisen in many places and its effect has also started affecting the crops. Due to all these reasons, the prices of tomatoes reached the level of Rs 250 per kg in the retail markets of major cities of the country on Saturday. Tomato prices generally increase due to low production in July-August and October-November. But, this time due to disruption in supply due to heavy monsoon rains in many states, its prices have been affected more.

less use of tomato

After increasing the prices, people have reduced the use of tomatoes. Yes! We are not saying so. In fact, a survey report has found that 46 percent of the families are now paying more than Rs.150 to buy tomatoes. On the other hand, 14 percent families have stopped buying tomatoes. Disclosing in the report, it was told that 68 percent of the families have reduced the use of tomatoes.

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