China dismisses criticism of top diplomat over his rasicm comment


Beijing: China on Wednesday rejected criticism of former foreign minister Wang Yi over comments he said Europeans and Americans are unable to distinguish between Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Wang Yi, former foreign minister and head of the ruling Communist Party’s Foreign Affairs Commission, said, ‘No matter how blonde you dye your hair or sharpen your nose, you will never become European or American. , You will never become a Westerner.’

what did wang say
“Everyone needs to know where their roots are,” Wang said at the trilateral forum in the northern Chinese city of Qingdao on Monday. “China, Japan, Korea – if we join hands and cooperate, it will not only be in line with the interests of our three countries, but also in line with the wishes of our peoples,” he said. Together we can prosper, revitalize East Asia and enrich the world.’ Wang’s comments have drawn criticism on social media. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin at a press conference on Wednesday sidestepped a question about the criticism, saying, “We absolutely cannot agree with it.”

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In his speech at the forum, Wang Yi emphasized cooperation between the three countries and said that some countries outside the region deliberately exaggerate ideological differences and try to replace cooperation with confrontation and unity with division. In this, America was indirectly cited, which China often accuses of supremacy. The US has security alliances with both Japan and South Korea, whose open societies and multi-party democracies are in stark contrast to China’s strict authoritarian one-party system. China’s closest allies in Northeast Asia are North Korea and Russia.

“Only a united and self-sufficient region can eliminate external interference and achieve sustainable development,” Wang Yi said, referring to President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative, including the Belt and Road Initiative.

US expert comment
Bonnie Glaser, Asia director of the US-based George Marshall Fund, tweeted, “This message will not work in Japan and South Korea. Does Wang Yi really think that national interests are less important than appearances?’ Jeff M. Smith, director of the Asian Studies Center at the American think tank The Heritage Foundation, tweeted, “The irony of Wang Yi telling Japanese and Koreans ‘You can never be American’ is that Japanese and Koreans are fighting every day.” become American. ‘ Smith wrote, ‘They are part of the fabric of America. What they cannot become is sugar. (The message) will have no effect.

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