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China holds the leading position in the world in rural tourism. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is eagerly looking forward to the comprehensive resumption of China’s inbound and outbound tourism market. Recently Sandra Caravao, UNWTO’s Charge for Tourism Market Information and Competitiveness (Sandra Carvão) said this in an interview.

Sandra Caravao said that China is a big tourist country. China’s development is very important for the world tourism industry. He believes that everyone is anxiously awaiting the increase in inbound and outbound tourism from China. Many tourist destinations are also eager for Chinese tourists to return as soon as possible.

Sandra Caravao appealed that rural development cannot be separated from national policy support. China is one of these countries, which gives the most importance to the role of tourism industry in rural development. China has made specific policies for this. He said, “We have seen how China supports rural areas in various sectors like building infrastructure etc. These are important.”

One of China’s major advantages in developing rural tourism lies in its huge domestic tourism market. Regarding this, Sandra Caravao said, “This means that there will be sufficient demand in the tourism market throughout the year, due to which China is able to build infrastructure and services. “International tourist arrivals play a complementary role.”

It is learned that to enhance the development of rural tourism, In 2021, UNWTO launched the selection of “World’s Best Tourism Villages” around the world to recognize the continued growth of tourism. Yuchun village in Changyang province, China, Shidi village of Anhui province, Tachai Village in Guangxi Chuang Autonomous Region and Chinchu Village in Chongqing City have been selected in the list of “World’s Best Tourism Villages”.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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