China has not even spared its friend, claims an island in Russia in the new map, tension may increase


Beijing: The ruckus is increasing with the new map of China. Five countries including India have opposed this new map. But it is not that Russia has claimed only the parts of these countries. The new map of Russia can also create tension with Russia close to it. This is because China claims an entire island in eastern Russia. China has created a new ruckus by claiming this island on the border of Russia in its new map. In the map released by China, it has claimed the Bolshoi Ussursky island in the Amur region of Russia. It is believed that his move could create tension with Russia.

China has been claiming
Bolshoi Ussurisky Island is at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri rivers and close to the Russian city of Khabarovsk. If experts of China-Russia relations are to be believed, then this island becomes very important strategically. Russia handed over a part of the island to China under a treaty in 2004. While China has been saying that centuries ago it was forced to hand over this area to Czarist Russia under two treaties of 1858 and 1860. The map dispute is not a new dispute in the relations between the two countries. In a recent incident at the Russia-Kazakhstan border, five Chinese nationals were stopped from entering Russia by Russian authorities after a four-hour check. Eventually their visas were even cancelled.

Visa cancellation of Chinese citizens
After this, the Chinese Embassy in Moscow attacked Russia through Weibo social media account. The embassy said in a post on Weibo on August 5, “The actions taken by Russia in this incident were cruel, under which the rights and interests of Chinese citizens have been seriously harmed by using too many laws.” . China publicly resorted to criticism even after Russia’s Foreign Ministry made it clear that no action was taken against Chinese citizens as part of any discriminatory policy. Russia said that the destination given in the visa application of the five Chinese nationals was quite different from the original destination.

differences due to the Ukraine war
There are also differences between the two countries because of the Ukraine war. In an article in Foreign Affairs last year, Professor Yan Xiutong of China’s think tank Tsinghu University said, ‘Russia’s Ukraine war is creating a strategic dilemma for China. The conflict has disrupted billions of dollars of Chinese trade, escalated tensions in East Asia, and divided people into pro-Russia and anti-Russia camps. He said that due to the war, the political polarization inside China has deepened.

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