China is selling cheap phones to the world with Samsung’s stolen goods, now a big disclosure – china stealing samsung data to set up a chip factory in china report revealed


China is known worldwide for selling smartphones with the latest features at cheap prices. But the question arises that how does China make smartphones cheaply? Because to make a smartphone, a long research work has to be done on the product and new technology. Also, it takes years of hard work. For this, a long army of engineers and designers work day and night. In such a situation, a huge investment has to be made.China is making phone from stolen goods
In fact, there have been allegations of espionage on other companies ranging from China chipsets to making cameras cheaply. But now the secret of China’s cheap smartphone has been exposed. Now there has been a revelation about cheap Chinese smartphones, according to which companies like Samsung are making cheap smartphones from stolen goods.

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What is the matter?

According to a Reuters report, China was stealing Samsung’s sensitive information to build a chip factory here. Regarding this, he was in contact with a South Korean person, who used to work in Samsung. The name of this person is Choi Jinseong. He is a former Samsung Electronics executive and South Korean chip expert. Due to this, China was continuously getting information about chip making.

case filed

A case has been filed against Choi regarding this. This is a high profile case, which is being run on South Korean award winning engineer. The case is a living example of China cracking down on industrial espionage and piracy in chip manufacturing. Choi, who is now in custody in Suwon, a city south of Seoul where Samsung is headquartered. Choi has so far denied all the allegations against him.

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