China, which was pressing the trigger by placing a gun on Maldives’ shoulder, finally had to give clarification.

As soon as Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu returned from his visit to China, he ordered neighboring India to withdraw its troops from Maldives by March 15. His statement created an uproar because it was believed that he was saying this under pressure from Chinese President Xi Jinping. Although Muizzu has been saying from the beginning that India should withdraw its troops, but as soon as he returned from China, when he set the deadline of March 15, it became clear that China had started playing the game behind the scenes instead of coming forward. Is. But after hearing about the date of March 15 being fixed, when the Maldivian opposition started cornering its own government and Jinping found his disciple Muizzu involved in domestic politics, China did not waste any time in giving clarification.

Let us tell you that China Daily, a newspaper supported by the Chinese Communist Party, says that Maldives President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu has not requested India to withdraw its troops at the behest of China. China Daily, an English-language daily newspaper owned by the Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party, also rejected claims, including a report published by New Delhi-based NDTV that it was China’s own influence in Male. Part of the plan to increase military presence. China Daily wrote, “Those making such claims should note that Muizzu became president by vowing to ensure there would be no foreign military presence on the country’s soil.” China Daily, however, said that Maldives’ announcement is bold as it is not afraid of angering India and losing its tourists. China Daily Ulta on the contrary blames India, writing that Maldives’ dependence on India for humanitarian aid and essential commodities like rice, vegetables and medicines has given rise to India’s “colonial mentality” towards the island nation. The article also claims that the country’s cooperation with China has improved the livelihoods of the people of Maldives and that this cooperation is going to deepen after Muizzu’s visit to Beijing.

But China needs to keep in mind here that even though it was firing the gun by placing it on Muizzu’s shoulder, India was already aware of its stance. India understood from day one that Muizzu would act as China’s representative. Therefore, when the invitation to attend the swearing-in ceremony of the President of Maldives was sent to various countries including India, instead of sending External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar or Ministers of State for External Affairs, the Indian Government sent Union Minister and MP from Arunachal Pradesh Kiren Rijiju to Male. Gave. It is noteworthy that China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its own, hence when India sent Kiren Rijiju to Male, the Dragon Water was roasted but it could not do anything at that time because Rijiju had gone there as a guest of Male and not of China. . But Xi Jinping had taken this step of India to heart, so when Muizzu reached Beijing to meet him, without his request, Jinping announced that the loan given to Maldives would be restructured and there would be an option to repay the loan in easy installments. He also gave the offer to Muizzu. Let us tell you that Maldives owes China 1.52 billion US dollars. In such a situation, due to easy payment of already issued installments and getting new loan, Muizzu has been forced to dance to the tunes of China.

As far as India’s reaction to the recent differences with Maldives is concerned, let us tell you that External Affairs Minister Jaishankar has said that we have tried to build strong relations with much success in the last 10 years. Jaishankar said, “There are ups and downs in politics, but the people of that country generally have good feelings towards India and they understand the importance of good relations.” Has been involved in investment, power transmission lines, fuel supply, providing trade access. The External Affairs Minister said that this shows how a relationship evolves, although sometimes things do not go on the right track and people have to be persuaded to bring it back to where it should be.

Here we would also like to tell you that Muizzu is now declaring in a fit of rage that instead of importing goods from India, he will import them from Europe or Western countries or anywhere else, so he should be aware that by doing so, he will harm his country. Will cause huge economic loss. For example, if they get something for 20 rupees from India, then if they get the same thing from Europe, they may have to spend 100 to 150 dollars. Obviously if this happens then inflation will increase in Maldives. Besides, this announcement by the President of Maldives also shows that he does not have much knowledge of the geopolitical situation. The President of Maldives will have to understand that essential goods or emergency aid can reach Male immediately from India whereas if ordered from anywhere else it may take several days and weeks.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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