China will give priority to the development of villages adjacent to metros

China is a country with a large population, China has seen a rapid pace of development in the last decades. In the midst of development, there was a lot of migration from the villages of China. People moved from villages to cities in search of a better future. Urbanization increased the burden on big cities and metros. But in recent years, the Chinese government has focused on equipping rural areas with basic amenities. Not only this, the villages have been linked to tourism and various employment opportunities.

Due to which again people have started returning from cities to villages. During this period, the Chinese Communist Party and the Central Government have laid great emphasis on the comprehensive development of villages. Today, remote areas of China are fully connected by roads, while villages are not far from the train station. Internet facility is also well available in the villages, due to which they have started selling various products online.

As we know that China is a big nation, whose geographical scope is very wide. On one hand there are villages in remote areas, while on the other hand there are villages located near metros and cities. Now the central government of China has made a plan for the development of the villages adjacent to the metropolitan cities. It has been told that such villages will be given opportunities for development like cities. Recently, the executive meeting of the Chinese State Council was held in this regard.

It has been emphasized that the villages will be encouraged to attract private investment. The concerned departments will work together for the better and orderly development of the villages. So that people can get good employment opportunities even in villages situated around big cities. Due to which the burden on the cities will be reduced. Under this, help will be provided to the enterprises and companies present in such areas, so that they can expand.

Keep in mind that according to the 7th National Census of the National Bureau of Statistics for the year 2021, China has 21 metropolitan cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tienchin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Quanzhou and Shanchan. There are many such villages around which can be modernized. For this, the works of reconstruction in the villages will be taken forward. Along with this, attention will be given to develop the residential areas subsidized by the government in a new way. So that the people living there can get direct benefit. It is expected that these villages of China will also be able to come forward in the race of development like cities.

(Anil Pandey, China Media Group, Beijing)

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