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India’s Foreign Minister S. on China changing the name of 30 places of Arunachal Pradesh and staking its claim on the state. While talking to journalists in Surat, Jaishankar said that nothing will happen by changing the name. Arunachal Pradesh was, is and will remain an Indian state in the future. The Foreign Minister said, if I change the name of your house, will it become mine? China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs has released the fourth list of standardized geographical names in Jangnan, China’s state-run newspaper Global Times reported on Sunday. China calls Arunachal Pradesh Jangnan and claims the state as part of southern Tibet. Additional names for 30 places in Arunachal Pradesh were posted on the official website of the ministry. The report said that the new names will be effective from May 1.

Names in foreign languages ​​that may harm China’s territorial claims and sovereignty rights shall not be directly quoted or translated without authorization. The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs released the first list of standardized names of six places in Arunachal Pradesh in 2017. The second list of new names of 15 places was released in 2021. After this, another list of names of 11 places was released in 2023. China’s recent statements to assert its claim over Arunachal Pradesh began during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state. On March 9, PM Modi had inaugurated the Sela Tunnel built at an altitude of 13 thousand feet in Arunachal Pradesh. China lodged diplomatic protest with India over PM Modi’s visit.

China is openly opposing India even at the international level. It is also trying to encircle India by increasing its presence in neighboring countries. Along with Pakistan, China is also increasing pressure on India’s borders. Now China is the biggest challenge for India.

In order to stop the growth of India’s growing stature globally and India emerging as an alternative to China in Asia in terms of trade, China is capturing Indian markets and increasing pressure on Indian borders.

Understanding the nefarious intentions of China, India will have to be very cautious and will also have to strengthen itself economically and militarily. Considering the closeness of China and Pakistan, India needs to respond to both the countries at national and international level in the same language which these countries understand.

-Irwin Khanna, Editor-in-Chief, Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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