China’s challenge to American GPS technology! Why every country wants its own navigation system – china challenge to american gps technology know navigation system importance


GPS i.e. Global Positioning System is the most used satellite navigation system in the world. It has more than 6 billion users. Navigation systems are used from Google Maps to smartphones and automobiles. However, now the GPS system of America is being challenged like China, which has increased the concern of America.

US military captures GPS
GPS is under the control of the US government. It is operated by the US Space Force. GPS was initially designed as a military device. This technology becomes important for business considerations and espionage along with security. In such a situation, every country wants to develop technology like GPS. India is also a part of this race.

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Which countries have their own navigation system

Apart from America, many other countries have satellite navigation systems. Russia’s name comes first in this. It has its own GLONASS satellite navigation system. The same European Union has the Galileo navigation system. The same China has its own navigation system Beidou.

boost economic growth

China’s Beidou navigation system is more important than military strength. This has created a challenge for the US navigation system GPS. If the report is to be believed, China is expected to get a boost of $156 billion in economic development by 2025 from the navigation system.

What is the advantage of own navigation system

China has integrated its navigation system into the infrastructure. This helps in getting navigation and timing data from export of any product. China has linked it to 5G connectivity. China helps many countries with its navigation system, which is directly challenging America.

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