China’s sustainable urban development deserves long-term investment by foreign companies – CEO of Sweden’s ENVAC Group


Joachim Carlsson, CEO of Sweden Envac Group, recently said in an exclusive interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua in Stockholm that China’s pursuit of green, circular and low-carbon development has left a deep impression on the people, and for foreign companies Worthy of long-term cooperation with China in smart and sustainable urban development.

He highly appreciated the efforts of Chinese partners in using smart waste collection technology, and believed that China is accelerating towards green development goals in line with its words and actions. The development of China’s projects and the application of new technologies are very rapid.

Envac Group, a Sweden-based waste technology innovation giant, is the inventor of the pneumatic waste collection system. The system takes the entire waste collection process underground and replaces manual waste collection, resulting in a significant reduction in waste-related transportation investment and carbon emissions.

This technology has been adopted by smart projects in many cities and hospitals in China. Carlson firmly believes that in the field of healthcare, more and more attention is being paid to the goal of green ecology, and this field is one of the fastest growing business areas of Envac Group in China recently.

Carlsen, who has visited China six times, has a deep and friendly feeling towards China. He said he liked Chinese history and culture as well as communication with Chinese partners. He is very happy to be able to contribute to China’s sustainable development.

(Credits- China Media Group, Beijing)

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