Chinese Diplomat’s interference in Maldives’ internal affairs increased! Will Muizzu remain as Rubber Stamp President?

When Maldives President Mohammed Muizzu returned from his visit to China, the happiness on his face was clearly visible. It seemed that Chinese President Xi Jinping had donated generously to Muizzu. But now the way things are gradually coming to light, it is showing that Maldives is badly trapped in the dragon’s web. In fact, in Maldives it now seems that although the President is Mohammed Muizzu, the government there will be controlled by China. Let us tell you that the way top Chinese diplomat Wang Lixin in Male is reacting on various issues is directly tantamount to interference in the internal affairs of Maldives. The special thing is that during Muizzu’s visit, China, without naming any country, had said that it “firmly opposes external interference” in the internal affairs of Maldives and supports the island nation in maintaining its sovereignty and independence. Does. But now what China is doing is external interference in the internal affairs of Maldives.

Wang Lixin, the top Chinese diplomat in Male, has also said that if the Maldives remains engaged with Chinese President Xi Jinping, it will get support for more development projects. Let us tell you that Maldivian President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu went on his first state visit to China and Wang Lixin also went with him. Wang said in an interview with CGTN radio that a lot of help has been given to Male and further help will be given. In his interview, Wang said that he believes there are three key factors to strong relations between the Maldives and China. He said the first and most important factor is mutual political trust. He said that during this visit, both the Heads of State have announced to upgrade our bilateral relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership. This will provide a strong political guarantee for future cooperation between the two countries.

Wang said the second factor is President Xi’s initiatives and President Muizzu’s engagement with those initiatives. He said that I think if we continue like this, we can decide on more projects that will benefit the people of Maldives. Wang said the third factor is to adhere to the principle of comprehensive consultation and shared benefits. “I think that with these three key factors, we will have very fruitful and sustainable cooperation in the future,” he said. Here we would also like to tell you that in whichever country China traps in its debt, similar bullying behavior of Chinese diplomats is seen in that country. Similar statements were made several times by Chinese diplomats in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

As far as the deepening of relations between China and Maldives is concerned, let us tell you that the major agreements signed by President Muizzu with China also include agreements related to tourism and infrastructure development. However, China has a very checkered history in delivering on infrastructure promises made to any country, so it remains to be seen what the Maldives actually gets. For now, Maldives will have to serve as a pawn in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Apart from this, Maldives has taken assurance of sending a large number of tourists from China, but it is difficult to fulfill it because due to the long lockdown in China due to the Corona virus created by itself, the economy there is still not affected. Has recovered. Unemployment in China is at its highest level and industrial production has fallen because there is no demand in the market. Most Chinese don’t have the money to travel from Beijing to Shanghai, so how will they go to Male for sightseeing?

Maldives will have to suffer the consequences of the mistake Muizzju has committed by sitting in the lap of China. The island nation is already a hotbed of radical Islamic terror, sending more fighters than any other country. There were reports that people from the Maldives who went to work for the Islamic State were kept and trained in camps in Syria. Apart from this, Maldives is now also entangled in the drug syndicate run by Pakistan. These drug syndicates make the youth addicted to drugs and promote Islamic terrorism by pushing them on the path of radicalism. Such intelligence reports also came out according to which, along with drugs and fanaticism, these drug syndicates also spread anti-India messages, which makes China more happy.

However, overall this fills the pockets of the pro-China politicians of Maldives but it is causing loss to their country. Talking about India’s eye on Muizzu’s moves, New Delhi has been very alert ever since Muizzu had announced to contest the presidential elections. India knows that China is trying to surround it from all sides by luring its neighbors, hence New Delhi has already increased its security cordon which is difficult for the dragon to penetrate.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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