Chinese Hargiri ship Taknar Dera in Sri Lanka


Colombo, Circle: The Indian ocean that comes after the Ladakh-Arunachal border is the target of the ‘Dragon’. China is ready to send its modern Hargiri ship ‘Xi Yan-6’ to Sri Lanka in October without the boat of the modification project.

At the G-20 summit in September, China has requested Sri Lanka to allow us for the survey ship. There was no vehement attack on Sri Lanka’s boat. On the contrary, the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka has recommended to give permission. India has objected to it.

The Sri Lankan government is likely to give formal permission to the Chinese survey ship by the end of the month. India would have registered its protest only when the China’s ‘Yuan Wang-5’ ship empty boat of last year’s amendment would have come to Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port. ‘Vang-5’ would have space tracker, missile system only. What is the need of amendment or convenience, that would be the question of India. After a year, China fires again.

south shore phase

Many sea shores of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu come to the stage of Chinese ships coming to Bandarwara from Sri Lanka.

What say, Sri Lankan experts?

For peace in the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean region, Sri Lanka should follow guidelines for foreign ships.
– Udit Devapriya, Think Tank Factum, Colombo

India’s objection is valid. India is a neighboring and powerful country that helps Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka gave permission to China.
– Asiri Fernanda, Strategic Expert, Colombo

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