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Most people choose sunglasses immediately after seeing themselves by putting 2-3 glasses in the mirror in the shop. That is, for them the selection of sunglasses is a kind of quick process. But if you know the shape of your face, then you can choose the best sunglasses for yourself. Such glasses can make your appearance even more attractive. Is your face short or long or square? Do you keep this in mind while buying sunglasses? Let us know how to choose the best sunglasses according to your face.

How should be the sunglasses: If you take a little information about your face and choose glasses according to it, then believe me it will increase your attractiveness. Such glasses can provide a solid balance to suit your shape. For example, a girl with a round face should choose glasses that cover the round part of the face, not protruding out of the face or being inside the face. On the other hand, the girl whose face is small should not use big size glasses at all, because it can cover her whole face. Aviators generally look more flattering on long face shapes. Square or rectangular sunglasses suit best on those whose faces are proportional.

Round Face: If your face is round, then the best option for you would be to choose rectangular frame glasses. The length and width of a round face are almost the same, due to which rectangular glasses will fit easily on their face and it will also look great. Apart from this, the choice of rectangular frame glasses also has the advantage that after wearing it, the face will look slimmer, which will increase your attractiveness. So opt for angular frames with round faces, which will add to their charm.

Rectangular Face: Choose rimless aviator frames for this type of face. This is the best frame for them. It also makes a long face appear shorter and wider. Rounded wall frame sunglasses also suit this type of face. This will make their face appear longer and more attractive.

Square Face: People with this face shape have a very strong jaw. Their forehead is also broad. They should choose round or oval frame glasses. It also flatters the face by ending the ups and downs of the face shape.

heart-shaped; Their forehead is broad and jaw is thin. Those with this shape should choose such sunglasses, which fit in this shape. For people of such size, there should be such glasses whose upper part is wide and the bottom is narrow. Cat eye frames are great for heart shaped people. They should avoid buying aviators as it can distort their face shape.

Oval Face: Any type of sunglasses will suit this face shape, as all glasses fit easily in this shape. Choose from a rectangular frame, a retro square frame, aviator or even sporty sunglasses.

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