Cleaning the house is very important for good health, follow this way


Cleanliness plays an important role in buying, storing, cutting, preparing and eating vegetables. A little carelessness can harm the taste and health of the vegetable. It is not enough to wash the empty vegetables thoroughly and prepare them in a clean utensil, but the cleanliness of your hands is as important as the cleanliness for cutting and preparing vegetables. Even if the hands are not clean, there can be a risk of infection.

At the time of cutting and chopping:
Clean the cutting board on which you cut vegetables thoroughly before and after use.
Before cutting any vegetable or fruit, wash it thoroughly with water, then peel and cut it.
Cut vegetables on separate chopping boards and fruits separately.

While storing:
Keep raw vegetables and fruits on a separate shelf. Keep the cooked vegetables covered separately.
Keep fruits and vegetables in separate polythene.
Do not store more fruits, vegetables in the fridge. This affects the cooling of the fridge.

Pay attention to hand hygiene:
Wash your hands with soap, dry them, then wash and cut the vegetables.
Wash your hands before starting cooking and wash your hands after preparing food.
While cooking, even if you do any other work like washing dishes, talking on the phone, etc., wash your hands and cook again.

Keep the kitchen clean:
Clean the kitchen before placing any food on it.
Clean the utensils thoroughly and use them.
After cleaning the kitchen cleaning cloth and sponge, wash and dry thoroughly so that germs do not grow in it.
Also wash and flip containers used to store dry and liquid foods.
Keep cooked foods covered.
Also clean the cooking stove daily.

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