Climate change has changed the color of more than half of the world’s oceans


New Delhi: 56 percent of the world’s oceans have changed color in the past 2 decades, and human-caused climate change is likely the cause. The researchers gave this information. In their paper published in the journal Nature, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US and other institutions write that these color changes, too subtle for the human eye, cannot be explained solely by natural, year-to-year variability. Is. In regions near the equator the color of the ocean, which is a literal reflection of the life and material in its waters, was found to be consistently greener over time, indicating ecosystem changes within the surface oceans.

Study co-author Stephanie Dutkiewicz and her colleagues showed in a 2019 paper that monitoring other marine pigments, whose annual variations are much smaller than those of chlorophyll, would give more clear signals of climate-change-induced changes and that they could last up to 30 years. may become clear in 20 years instead. The lead author of the National Oceanography Center in Southampton, UK, B.B. Kail said that instead of trying to guess just one number from pieces of the spectrum, it is worth looking at the whole spectrum. Kail and his team conducted a statistical analysis of seven ocean colors recorded by satellite observations from 2002 to 2022. He initially studied the natural variations of colors by observing how they changed regionally in a given year.

Scientists keen to monitor phytoplankton
The green color of sea water comes from the green pigment chlorophyll present in phytoplankton, microscopic plant-like organisms abundant in the upper ocean. So scientists are keen to monitor phytoplankton to see their response to climate change. The authors of this study, however, have shown through previous studies that it will take 30 years of monitoring chlorophyll changes before showing climate-change-driven trends, as natural, annual variations in chlorophyll will outweigh the effects of human activities. .

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