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New Delhi: Industry body Carbon Markets Association of India has partnered with Agripreneur Krishak Vikas Chamber to help farmers adopt sustainable farming practices to enhance livelihoods. According to a statement issued by Carbon Markets Association of India (CMAI), According to the developing market in India, adoption of sustainable practices like organic farming and integration of carbon credits will help farmers earn better revenue. CMAI will organize sessions on the importance of carbon credits in combating climate change and registration through authorized platforms. And will provide guidance on the process of earning credit.

Carbon credits are a market-based mechanism designed to incentivize reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is also called carbon offset. According to the statement, CMAI has signed an MoU with Agri Entrepreneurs Krishak Vikas Chamber (KUKVC) to form a strategic partnership. “Through this collaboration, we aim to harness the significant potential of sustainable agricultural practices to reduce carbon emissions and harness the benefits of carbon credits to finance the transition,” said Manish Dabkara, President, CMAI.

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