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It is a coincidence that today, along with Mahashivratri festival, is also Women’s Day and the 41st foundation day of ‘Uttam Hindu’. by God’s immense grace As a result, Uttam Hindu is continuously moving forward on the path of development. I am going to present before you two incidents regarding the grace of Lord Shiva – Karma Pradhan: There is a story of ‘Mankanak’ in the Puranas. Mankanak was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Despite being an ardent ascetic, worldliness had not yet gone from his mind. Desires for money, son, fame etc. always occupied his mind. What to do! They remained entangled in this confusion. Seeing his mental state, one day his wife Swayamprabha said to him – Swami! Your beloved Lord Ashutosh will definitely solve your problem. It is by his grace that you will get enlightenment. Mankanak liked his wife’s suggestion. After finding the auspicious time, he started worshiping Lord Shiva. Gradually, as per the schedule, with the continuity of worship, his mind started concentrating at the feet of Bholenath. At last, with the moonrise of Vaishakh Shukla Dwitiya, Avadhradhani appeared before Ashutosh Mankanak. He said with a sweet smile in his lips – Vatsa! Ask for a groom. Mankanak expressed his desire for a son before him. He also asked for a son, wealth and fame for himself. On this Lord Shiva said – Vatsa! You have completed your penance, therefore it is your natural right to ask for a boon. But there is a sprout of devotion in your heart. That’s why I want to ask, why son? Why not a daughter? Mankanak said-Lord! Later, the son becomes a helper, while the daughter leaves and goes to her in-laws’ house. Hearing this, God laughed and said – Vatsa! Mankanak, you are an ascetic, you have studied the scriptures properly. You must realize that it is the actions of man that help, no person helps anyone. Even if he cooperates, it will be inspired by his own good deeds. No one should say anything. Giver of happiness and sorrow. Everyone has to enjoy their own deeds, brother. Whether there is a son or a daughter in the house, it is the responsibility of the parents to develop their personality by imparting values, education and offering them to the society. Even animals and birds do not expect retribution from their children. Vishwas: The wife of ‘a poor Pandit Rambharose’ was very quick-witted and had unlimited demands. She kept saying all day long, what have you done for me? Contrary to his nature, Panditji was a complete devotee of Ram. He was also a great scholar of astrology. Feeling worried, he said to his wife – I will definitely go now, and will definitely find a rich host. The daughter will also get married; And the house will also be filled with wealth. The wife laughed a lot at this. Then she started working on her stove and mill. Panditji went to the forest. ‘Appealed to the Lord of Trilok – Lord! Now listen to this poor man. There was a temple of Lord Vishwanath in the forest. He prayed to Shiva in a loud voice, Lord! You are the one who made Kuber your friend, the treasurer. Then made Lokpal. Just give us so much that we can run our house. We choose you as our host. Tied Kalava on Shivalinga. Resolved that we will perform Rudrabhishek with Ganga water every day. When the wife came home, she asked how the host was. Didn’t tell anything. Panditji introduced the Shiv family as a rich and wealthy class. We are performing Rudrabhishek for the welfare of his entire family. You will get the reward in fifty-one days. Panditji continued performing his puja regularly. When he came home on the last day, he saw that his wife was smiling. Food has also been prepared. She said- Why didn’t you tell earlier that the host is so big. Gave one hundred carts of grains, a lot of material to build a new house, a lot of money; And yes, gold and silver have also been given. Shri Bhagwan heard the cries of Panditji. ‘It is a bad thing not to have a desire, but to wander for its fulfillment’. The result of faith in God is something like this.

The result of the work done with faith in God is that today the daily ‘Uttam Hindu’ is being published in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. Digital numbers can be seen across the country and the world. This is the result of God’s grace and your cooperation. I pray to God that his blessings and your support always remain with the wonderful Hindu family.

Best wishes to all of you on Mahashivratri.

-Irwin Khanna, Editor-in-Chief, Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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