Colon Cancer: Follow these tips to reduce the risk of colon cancer, you will remain healthy


Due to intestinal cancer, a person starts having stomach related problems. Which includes abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhoea, poor bowel movement, constipation, weakness, etc. By following these 5 tips, the risk of colon cancer can be reduced.

Intestinal cancer, which in medical language is called colorectal or colon cancer. Let us tell you that this is a serious type of cancer, which affects our intestines badly. When the colon is cancelled, the risk of blockage in the intestines as well as its spread to other parts of the body increases. But if its symptoms are recognized in time, its risks can be reduced to a great extent and treatment can help.

Due to intestinal cancer, a person starts having stomach related problems. These include abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, poor bowel movement, constipation, feeling weak and tired, sudden weight loss, etc. Due to which our whole health starts getting affected. If its symptoms are not recognized in time and treatment is not received, then the death of the person can also happen.

Let us tell you that our daily routine habits work to increase the risk of bowel cancer in many ways. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, the risk of colon cancer can be reduced. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about 5 such tips, by adopting which you can prevent the development of colon cancer.

get screened

If you have been facing stomach problems for a long time, then you must get screened once. So that you can know the exact cause of stomach problems. With the help of screening, you can get to know about the early stage of cancer.

Consume fruits and vegetables

To stay healthy, it is very important to have a balanced diet. But when it comes to keeping the gut healthy, you should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Along with this, whole grains should be consumed. Because a good amount of dietary fiber is found in whole grains. So try to reduce the intake of junk food, red meat and processed foods.

keep weight under control

Increased body weight shows that your metabolism and digestion are not working properly. It affects the intestines as well as your health. According to a research, there is a risk of colon cancer when obesity is high.

do exercise

To stay healthy, we must include exercise in our daily routine. Exercise can reduce not only cancer but also other types of risks. That’s why you can also do yoga if you want. Apart from this, you can also go to the gym. Exercise can include walking, swinging and cycling. But take out time to exercise at least 30-40 minutes throughout the day.

say no to smoking and alcohol

If you also smoke and consume alcohol, it increases the risk of developing cancer. So if you want to be completely healthy, stay away from habits like alcohol and smoking.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.

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