Comment of the Punjab-Haryana High Court


The Punjab-Haryana High Court reprimanded the Punjab government for checking the documents of vehicles by placing nakas on national and state level main roads. That we know why vehicles registered from outside states are stopped for checking on the National Highway in Zirakpur and Derabassi. The court said that this trend should be stopped or else the court will have to issue directions. Based on the affidavit of the DGP, Advocate Sharp Sharma, on behalf of the Punjab government, said that permanent blockades cannot be imposed on the highway, although temporary ones can be imposed for some time. Vehicles cannot be suddenly stopped to check documents, however, in case of information of suspicious activity, black film, drunken driving or serious traffic offences, vehicle stop documents can be checked and challaned. Does not discriminate on the basis of which state the vehicle is registered in. In congested areas, challan through CCTV is preferred. Also told that traffic police constable can stop it for investigation in case of crime or suspicious vehicle, although usually late night traffic duty of a police personnel is not imposed. The Punjab-Haryana High Court, on the previous hearing, directed the DGPs of Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh to hand over information related to the powers, duties and service rules of the traffic police in the matter of stopping vehicles from outside states for checking documents by blocking the National and State Highways. was ordered. Now the reply of all three Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh has come in this matter and after studying all these, the court has decided to issue a detailed order in this matter. The High Court had summoned this information while hearing the petition filed for the demand of bail in the case registered for assault and misbehavior with the traffic police. In this case, when the issue arose regarding the jurisdiction of the traffic police, the court took the matter seriously. The court had said that in this matter it is necessary to first know the jurisdiction and responsibility of the traffic police.

The comment made by the Punjab-Haryana High Court regarding police stopping vehicles registered in other states on national and state level main roads is such a truth that no one can quickly deny. If you go into the depth of the problem, you will find that even inter-district registered vehicles are stopped by the police before entering the district. Along with showing papers, bargaining is also done. Keeping this aspect of the issue in mind, the High Court has commented on stopping the vehicles.

In the past years, a time had also come when the number of challans being issued by the police at the district level itself, people felt that perhaps the challans were being issued only to pay the salaries of the police employees. The Punjab and Haryana High Court has made the above comment keeping in mind the problems being faced by the general public.

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