Complex gall bladder surgery performed with the help of robotics


New Delhi: Doctors at a private hospital in Delhi have successfully performed a complex gall bladder surgery with the help of a robot. Dr. Pradeep Jain, Principal Director and Head of Department of Robotic-Lap GI Oncology, Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Fortis Hospital Shalimar, told reporters here on Thursday that the gall bladder of the 36-year-old woman was badly stuck in the surrounding small intestine and large intestine. And the bile duct was also stuck.

Dr. Jain said that CT scan and abdominal scan of the victim woman were done and it was decided to remove her gallbladder with the help of robot. He told that if the treatment of the woman was not done on time, the gallbladder could stick to the surrounding organs. His gallbladder wall had also hardened.

He said, ‘We successfully performed his robotic surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery holds great promise, especially for complex and challenging procedures like this one. ” He said that robotic surgery is very beneficial compared to traditional surgery. It has the advantage of flexible instruments for use as well as specialist techniques for precise visualization of the bile duct.

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