Congratulations to the new academic session started in the schools after the summer vacation


Children look forward to summer vacations throughout the year as they get the maximum number of days off. Summer vacation for children is no less than a festival. They do not have any worries during this time period.

The new education session has started in educational institutions. In primary and secondary schools, the new academic session usually starts in the month of April, but in the institutions of higher education, the new academic session starts from July itself. If seen, in fact, the new education session in all educational institutions starts in the month of July itself. Prior to this time is spent in taking admission in educational institutions, buying books, stationery, bags and uniforms etc. In the time available, students introduce their new books. Often students read language books because they contain stories and poems, which are very dear to children.

After going to school for some time, summer vacation comes. This summer vacation comes in the middle of summer. It is extremely hot during this time period. Usually the summer vacation lasts from the last week of May till the whole of June. All schools and colleges remain closed during this time due to high temperature.

Children look forward to summer vacations throughout the year as they get the maximum number of days off. Summer vacation for children is no less than a festival. During this time, they do not have any worries, that is, they neither have to worry about getting up early in the morning to go to school, nor do they have any worries about doing homework. Often children go to their grandmother’s house with their parents during summer vacation. There he meets the people of his maternal grandfather. Everyone loves him very much. Nani tells them many stories. Nana and Mama take them for walks and get them toys of their choice. In today’s era of nuclear family, children along with their parents also go to their grandparents’ house. There also they get a lot of pampering. Like Nani, grandmother also tells stories to children. Through these stories, they inculcate values ​​in children, which build their character. These values ​​guide them in life. By visiting their native villages or cities, they connect with the culture there. Meet your relatives. This lets them know their relationship. They develop a feeling of affection towards their relatives. They also understand their responsibility towards their relatives. Children develop an understanding of relationship value and life value. Creates a sense of respect and affection.

Children also go to tourist places with their parents during summer vacations. Most of the people go to such places where the temperature remains low. These are hilly areas. With this, they get to know about the culture and customs there. Apart from this, they also visit religious places and places of historical importance. The meaning of traveling is not only for sightseeing and entertainment, but many lessons are learned from tourism. Visiting religious places gives peace of mind and children can connect with their glorious culture. They get an opportunity to know about their favorite deities. There is communication of faith in them. Their self-confidence and self-confidence increases. By visiting historical places, they get an opportunity to know their history. This is practical knowledge, which they get by coming and going. It is also necessary for them. They get intuitive information about the things they read about in books. It has a positive effect on their mind and brain.

Homework is given to the students by the teachers even for the summer vacations. Schools remain closed during this period, but tuition centers remain open. The children go for tuition and also do their homework. In addition, during the summer vacation, many institutes start a variety of short-term courses, for example painting, music, singing, dance, clay toy making, jewelry making, etc. During this time, children get an opportunity to work according to their interest and learn new things. Many children gravitate towards sports. Due to paucity of time, he could not play, but he gets the opportunity to play the game of his choice during his leisure time. The children of the area form their own teams and compete among themselves. This develops sportsmanship in them. This is how any player’s game starts. First he plays with his friends. Then in the same way he starts playing in sports events. Thus one day he becomes a medal winning player for the country. In fact, this time serves to enhance the natural qualities of the children.

Schools and other educational institutions reopen after the summer vacation is over. The routine of the students again becomes like before. They get up early in the morning. After dealing with the routine, they get ready to go to school. They leave home after having breakfast. It is not only the routine of the children that changes, but along with them the routine of their parents also changes. His mother wakes up early in the morning and cooks breakfast for him. Prepares tiffin for them. Drops them to school or school bus. Many mothers also take the children to school and bring them back. Women stand outside many schools in the afternoon waiting for their children. Many children are dropped by their fathers at school.

The children look very happy in the new academic session. Their class goes up one level. They feel better than before. He had worked hard in the previous class also. Because of that he was able to get success in the examination. As a result, now he is in the class next to him, that is, in a higher class than him. When the schools were open, it was very hot. The children were distraught with the heat, but expressions of enthusiasm were visible on their faces. Children have been welcomed in many schools by applying roli and tilak. This is a good initiative. This creates attachment to their culture in children.

-Doctor. Saurabh Malviya

(Author Makhanlal Chaturvedi is Assistant Professor at National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal)

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