Congress Foundation Day: The country became strong only due to the people-oriented policies of the Congress Party.

The Indian National Congress is one of the leading political parties in the country, which has an all-India identity and political credibility. It does not do politics of caste, religion, region, language, gender, class etc., but provides food, clothing and shelter for the poor man; She has always been talking about education, health and respect. It is a centrist party that is a strong advocate of social brotherhood and communal harmony, and has the vision of an India free from violence and counter-violence, apart from right-wing and left-wing ideologies. The leaders-workers of this party have a long history of renunciation, penance, sacrifice, dedication and martyrdom, which not only brought independence to the country but also strengthened the democratic public consciousness.

Let us tell you that the Congress Party was established on 28 December 1885 during the British Raj. In this context, its 138th foundation day will be celebrated on 28 December 2023. This day is special for all of us Congressmen, because on this day we take inspiration from our dirty past and review it once for the sake of a bright future. To be honest, the leading role of Congress in liberating the country and re-building modern India by maintaining proper coordination between the Indian elite class and the common man can never be ignored.

In such a situation, when general elections are going to be held in the next few months, realizing Mission 2024 and continuously strengthening the Congress has become a goal of all of us. Therefore, once again it has become very important to know, understand and tell about Congress, so that you can explain it well to others.

Needless to say, the foundation of Digital India, which is being talked about loudly in the country today, has also been laid by Congress. She has also been the main architect of the new economic policies issued here. This is a matter of new era. At the same time, if we talk about the old era, the Congress Party has played a big role in national integration, constitution making, abolition of zamindari and legal empowerment of the common man as well as poverty alleviation.

The foundation of the self-reliant India that we talk about today has been laid during the era of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the nation’s first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Earlier, there was shortage of many things in India, which was solved by the Congress leaders with their wisdom. As a result of the progressive policies of the Party, everything from Industrial Revolution to Green Revolution became possible in modern India, through which the self-reliance in continuous commodity production and food consumption has given a new impetus to the Indian economy. During this period, India stood in the queue of a nuclear energy capable country.

At the same time, the miracle of the information revolution laid by the country’s young Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is now visible everywhere. It was he who ensured the welfare of the last man of the society by strengthening the Panchayati polity. It is on the foundation of their youthful dreams that today’s India is flourishing and is continuously running strongly on the path of progress. At the same time, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh raised the profile of India in the country and the world with his efficient policies and gave a new height to its economy.

Who does not know that Congress Prime Ministers fought terrorism and Naxalism boldly. In this matter, our leaders former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi even had to sacrifice their lives. Neither this country nor any Congressman can forget this sacrifice of mother and son. The dark history of Congress is a testimony to the fact that Congress never surrendered before anti-national forces and lost many of its leaders in the interest of the country. Some in the struggle for independence and some in the pursuit of establishing good governance in the country after independence.

One more thing, the martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhi, a strong advocate of secularism, is an indication of the fact that Congress leaders have made remarkable sacrifices not only in slave India but also in independent India to protect social brotherhood and communal harmony. It cannot be denied that the disruptive forces and disruptors active in the country never allowed the Congress to exercise power peacefully, but remained active like a speed breaker at every step. Despite this, Congress gave the country a clean and pure administration for the longest period and was always ready to protect the rights of the common people. At the same time, Congress state governments also did remarkable public welfare work.

Very few people know that before the establishment of Congress, dozens of political organizations were established and active in the country. But with the establishment and strengthening of Congress, all the competing organizations gradually became extinct. At the same time, no matter how many pieces the Congress may have had after independence, its mainstream continued to grow stronger due to its political wisdom and public trust. We are fighting the current situation together and are confident that we will be successful in gaining public trust once again in the upcoming elections.

– Dolly Sharma

Congress spokesperson and TV panelist

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