Congress losing shine due to nepotism and flattery culture

There has been an old tradition of flattery towards the top leadership in Congress, Congress leaders have been adopting this tradition as the culture of the party. There have been many leaders who have made headlines by setting an example of following that tradition, but no leader within the party has the courage to see what is happening to the most powerful and oldest political party. This is the reason that despite being the party with the highest vote bank after Bharatiya Janata Party in the country, it is not able to show any meaningful results and performance. It has faced a crushing defeat in the recently concluded assembly elections of five states. In the elections held in these states, either the Congress government was defeated or despite being in the opposition, it could not do anything special there. While Rahul Gandhi was the Congress President, the party could not do much in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It is no surprise if the upcoming Nyaya Yatra, like Rahul’s Bharat Jodo Yatra completed earlier, turns out to be a gathering of mere sycophants.

Out of the rule that reached the immortal period of Indian politics, almost fifty years have been the rule of Congress. The question is what is the reason that Congress is now moving away from power. Despite being a party of powerful political players, it is losing its ground. The reason for this is familyism and flattery political culture. For this reason many party pillar leaders have left the party. Despite this the party is not ready to learn any lesson. If Congress wants to live under the misconception that only dynastic leadership will save it, then it has every right to have such a misconception, but it will have to face its consequences. It is not that every worker and leader associated with the party from top to bottom does not have a sense of what is right and wrong. They swallow a fly despite knowing everything? Why after all? That’s why all their life they have been limited to flattery and flattery.

By surrendering all authority to the leader, the party workers of our country make their intelligence and conscience permanently dull and dumb. Due to this, dictatorship begins to flourish under the cover of democracy. Its ultimate result is the decline of politics. To save his chair, the leader puts his party, government, Parliament and even the country at stake. Flattery moves oneself forward, but pushes everyone else backward. The butter of flattery makes the path of politics so slippery that the leader, the party and the country all get lost in it. As soon as the door of flattery opens, the windows of questions automatically close. This is also the reason for the situation of Congress which is continuously moving towards the abyss. When will the top leadership of Congress understand that flattery is a fake coin and because of fake coins one has to suffer not progress but degradation.

The mite of flattery is hollowing out the Congress. Actually, Congress has been a gang of sycophants since the beginning. Flattery plays a major role in ending the dialectics of politics. Flattery has made Indian politics dynastic, communal and casteist. The interest of the leader is the interest of the party and the interest of the country. This narrow character has led to the death of internal democracy in the parties. If there is no internal democracy in the parties then how can it live in the country? In times of crisis he collapses. Our today’s leaders are not like Mahatma Gandhi that his followers should adopt his virtues in their lives. The leaders do not even make such requests and the followers do not even consider it necessary to do so. That is why our politics is becoming shiny from outside and hollow from inside. Those who are used to seeing crowds of sycophants around them, expect the same everywhere. This culture of flattery is also a major reason for the disintegration in the India alliance today.

The history of flattery in Congress is old. What don’t workers do and say to glorify their leader? Shankarsinh Vaghela, who was once the Minister of Textiles, considered Sonia Gandhi among the people who made sacrifices in Indian history after Mahatma Gandhi. Whereas Salman Khurshid had said that Sonia Gandhi is not just the mother of Rahul Gandhi. She is the mother of all of us. She is the mother of the entire country!’ Sensitive Indians have not only been shocked by this but have also become extremely angry. It was an insult to India, it was an insult to the supreme relation like ‘Mother’. But not only the Congress workers but Sonia, Rahul and other leaders themselves left no stone unturned in insulting. A leader like Rahul Gandhi termed the Prime Minister as a panauti. He was held responsible for India’s defeat in the ODI World Cup final. He also called the Prime Minister a pickpocket. Apart from this, he also tried to explain that whatever you buy, the money goes directly into Adani’s pocket. There are many such examples in which Congress leaders have destroyed decorum, decency and civility. No party worker has the guts to ask its leaders that how are you serving the party’s interest by poisoning the country’s Prime Minister?

It is not just a matter of Congress but of all parties. Flattery has deeply penetrated the parties. Due to this ever-widening discrepancy, many parties are today struggling to save their existence and identity. The parties which distanced themselves from this discrepancy are continuously strengthening their political ground. It is because of this flattery of politics that the best and self-respecting people of the country stay away from politics. To enter politics and move ahead, one has to rub one’s nose in front of leaders without principles and dignity, that even those who have a passion for service to the country and pure politics, find it better to sit at home. Leaders allow and promote only those people who serve their personal interests. Many renowned industrialists, journalists, film actors and scholars have also entered politics, but they have been accepted only because they have been openly or covertly supporting some leader. People more famous and more capable than him are sitting at their homes.

The result of the siege of flattery is that there is no courageous leader in Congress who takes the decision to declare right as right and wrong as wrong. This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi goes against the country in the name of opposing Modi. They behave like this because they have no experience in the methods of party governance and political maturity. Like them, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi also believe in doing everything behind the scenes without taking any responsibility. The compulsion of Congress is that it cannot run without the Gandhi family. Congress leaders also have this compulsion that they cross all limits to justify their leader’s statements. But, the question is whether he is merely the leader of India’s opposition party while speaking on situations related to the enemy nation? Shouldn’t he think that he is also representing India? This problem is not only of Rahul Gandhi. The entire opposition is unable to understand that there is a difference between opposing the ruling party and opposing the country. It is natural to oppose the ruling party, but one should not cross that line due to which it becomes opposition to the country. Who is affected by such statements and how? It is also important to understand the difference between opposition to the government and the nation.

– Lalit Garg

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