Conspiracy against India –

After Canada accused India of killing terrorist Nijjar, America has now accused India of having a hand in the conspiracy to kill terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. For the last few years, separatists active in Canada, America, Australia and England have been openly playing against India. Along with attacks on Indian ambassadors, insulting the Indian national flag and attacking Hindu temples has become a common thing for them.

Most of those carrying out anti-India activities abroad are fugitives in various cases registered in India and they are being supported by people who are not even citizens of India. What America, which seems to be so concerned about the life of terrorist Gurpatwant Pannu, has done by attacking Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan in the name of terrorism is not hidden from anyone. Supporting Israel in opposing Hamas.
The way India has started showing a mirror to America, Canada and European countries in the last five years, because of this, all these countries, who consider themselves contractors of the world, were trying to hatch a conspiracy against India and in the name of Khalistan, they were trying to defeat India. People like Pannu, who were spreading misleading propaganda against him, got a shoulder. Using these shoulders, the maze created by these so-called contractors of the world and developed countries to encircle India is now well known.

India is claiming to be the third largest economy of the world in the near future, India’s growth rate is still better than these developed countries. The success that India achieved in making medicines during the time of Covid and the way it helped the underdeveloped countries was also not liked by the European countries including America. The success of Chandrayaan-3 and matters related to security deals, organizing G20 and India’s nationalist policy of buying oil from Russia, becoming self-sufficient in food grains, all this irritates its allies including America, Canada, England and Australia. These countries are hatching a conspiracy against India on the basis of Nijjar and Pannu issue. The aim of these countries is to stop India’s progress at the international level and to make India agree to their point of view by putting pressure on it.

India has definitely expressed concern over the name appearing in Gurpatwant’s case, but India is not going to come under pressure. The countries conspiring against India will soon understand this.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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