Construction of Shri Ram temple is a symbol of national pride

Maharishi Valmiki among the sages Shrestha asks Narad ji, who in this world is virtuous, powerful, knowledgeable about religion, grateful, truthful and determined? Who is the person with good character, who wants the welfare of all living beings, is learned, capable and is the most beautiful to look at? Who controls the mind, is free from anger, is bright and does not criticize? Who is that man whose anger in battle makes even the gods afraid? I want to hear this, I am very curious about this matter, O Maharishi Narad! You are able to know this type of man.
Hearing this from Valmiki, Narad, who knew all the three worlds, became very happy and said, “Okay, listen”, thus cautioning Maharishi Valmiki, he said, it is very rare to find the qualities you have mentioned in a human being. O sage Valmiki! After thinking about it, I am telling you about a person with these qualities, you listen.
He was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty and his name is Ram, I have heard this from people, he is strong-minded, very brave, bright, patient and has control over his senses, he is intelligent, wise, a skilled speaker, handsome and the enemy. They are destroyers, they have broad shoulders, long arms, neck like conch and big chin. His chest is broad, his bow is huge and the bone called clavicle is hidden, he is the one who suppresses the enemies, his arms are long till the knees, his head is very shapely and his forehead is broad, he is extremely strong, he is the same, all his body parts are Are shapely. He is of fair complexion and majestic. His chest is broad and his eyes are big. He is blessed with Goddess Lakshmi and has all the auspicious qualities. He is an expert in religion, a believer in truth, engaged in the welfare of the people, famous, knowledgeable, pious, one who controls his senses and is focused.
Like Shri Ram Prajapati Brahma, he is the one who embraces everyone, the destroyer of enemies, the protector of the group of animals and the follower of his religion. That Ram is the protector of his religion and devotees, who knows the essence of Vedas and Vedangas and is proficient in Dhanurveda. He knows the meaning and secrets of all the scriptures. His memory power is strong and he is talented. He is loved by all the people, gentle, free from poverty and clever.
Just as rivers cross the ocean, similarly noble men always go to Ram. He is Ram Arya, who considers everyone equal and always looks lovely. He is going to increase the happiness of his mother Kaushalya with all the qualities. He is as serious as the ocean and as patient as the Himalayas. He is as powerful as Ram Vishnu, as lovely to look at as the moon, as angry as the fire of destruction and as forgiving as the earth. Like Ram Dhanpati Kuber, he is like another Dharamraj in his sacrificial and truthful behavior. Ram Janmabhoomi is described in our religious scriptures as follows:
It is an undisputed truth that Lord Shri Ram appeared in Shri Ayodhyaji in Tretayuga. Where is the birthplace of Shri Ram? There are definite indications regarding this in Puranas and Itihasas. Puranas and Itihasa, symbols of Indian faith, are universally accepted ancient texts, whose recognition is paramount. It is written in Ayodhya-Mahatmya of the second Vaishnav section of Skandapuran that ‘On the banks of river Saryu is the place of Pindarak, the warrior appointed for the protection of Ayodhya. Vighnesh is the place of Lord Ganesha in the west direction from Pindarak place. The birthplace of Shri Ramji is in the north-east corner of Vighresh, where seeing Shri Ramji during Navratri gives extraordinary virtue.
‘Ram’s birthplace is in the north-east (angle) of Vighreshwar’s place. It is said to be the giver of all the fruits like salvation etc.
‘To the east of Vighreshwar, to the north of Vashishtha place, and to the west of Lomash place is the birthplace of Ram.’
‘A man can attain salvation only by seeing the birthplace of Ram, without charity, without penance, without pilgrimage and without performing yagya, he does not attain pregnancy.’
‘The same result that is obtained by donating thousands of Kapila cows every day is the same result that one gets just by seeing the birthplace.’
The spiritual importance of Ayodhya and the construction of Shri Ram temple in it and the consecration of Ramlala’s life can be well understood from the above facts. Those who attacked India also, understanding the importance of Shri Ram Temple and Ayodhya for Hindus, tried to attack and destroy it: After this struggle that has been going on for centuries, today we are again consecrating the life of Ram Lalla in Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Doing it duly. We are all lucky to see it. Along with this, we also have to understand that the construction of Shri Ram temple in Ramjanmabhoomi Ayodhya is also a symbol of national pride.
This is the acceptance of India’s dignified vision of life by the modern Indian society. Shri Ram is to be worshiped in the temple by the method of ‘Patram Pushpam Phalan Toyam’ and also by establishing the philosophy of Shri Ram in the temple, Lord Shri Ram has to be worshiped by adopting ideal conduct in its light because ‘Shivo Bhootva Shivam Bhajet Ramo Bhootva Ram Bhajet’ This is called true worship.
We too will have to follow the path of Shri Ram. Integrity in life, forgiveness with strength and bravery, politeness and humility, humility in dealing with everyone, gentleness of heart and strictness towards oneself in performing one’s duty, love for the motherland etc. Everyone should emulate the qualities of Shri Ram in themselves and their family. Efforts to bring it into everyone’s life will have to be made with honesty, dedication and hard work. Also, considering our national life, discipline will have to be created in social life also. Justice and compassion, harmony, fairness, social virtues reflected in the character of Shri Ram, once again spreading in the society, building a manly society based on equal justice without exploitation, endowed with strength as well as compassion, this is the worship of Shri Ram. Will happen. Many congratulations to all of you on this auspicious occasion.
Jai Shri Ram

-Irwin Khanna, Chief Editor Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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