Controversy over film Adipurush: Controversial dialogues should be removed


Protests are increasing over the visuals, plot and dialogues of Adipurush, a film based on the story of Ramayana. The Sant Samaj of Kashi limited it Describing it as an unforgivable crime of playing with religion and calling upon the faithful Hindu community not to watch the film. Swami Jitendranand Saraswati, National General Secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Sant Samiti, said that in Sanatan Dharma, tampering with facts and simplification of great men and God is an unforgivable crime. The dialogues of this film are such that Tapori style writers use and we do not accept it. Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati said that mythological references are portrayed with obscenity in the film, attacking the eternal faith of India. This is playing with the character of India’s great ideals, which cannot be accepted at any cost. Protests are increasing over the dialogues and scenes of the film Adipurush. Congress and AAP have condemned the film. The BJP has demanded a re-review of the film and suspension of the censor’s permission till then. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate termed the language used in the film as ‘tapori’ and said it hurt the sentiments of the people. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel wrote in a tweet that I have read and heard about ‘Adipurush’. It is very painful that how the censor board has given a certificate to such a film. This film is playing with our faith, making fun of our idol. We will not tolerate the insult of Ram. Apologize to those responsible. Words like Bajrang Dal have been invoked from Hanumanji in the film. To a question, he said that if people raise the demand for a ban, the government will consider it. AAP spokesperson and MP Sanjay Singh said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President JP Nadda should apologize for allowing the production and exhibition of the film. Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor appealed to Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur that the film’s controversial scenes and dialogues should be re-examined.

The Hindu society looks at Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the dialogues in the film ‘Adipurush’, with respect because he has the identity of a lover of Indian culture and Hindutva. A big mistake is made by a big person, this thing is applicable to Manoj Muntashir regarding the dialogues written by the film ‘Adipurush’. Speaking in favor of his son, Manoj Muntashir’s father Shiv Pratap Shukla took the help of a couplet from ‘Ramcharitmanas’ and said that ‘Jaki rahi bhawna jaisi, Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi’.

The dialogue between Hanuman and Ravana in Ravana’s court, as presented in the film ‘Adipurush’, is painful and objectionable as it plays with the sentiments of Hindus and also creates confusion in the future generations. How the Film Censor Board allowed this ‘Tapori’ impression language and dialogues, this thing is also incomprehensible. Today the Censor Board itself is seen standing in the dock.

In Maharishi Valmiki’s Ramayana, when Hanuman is brought to the court of Lankapati Ravana, what Hanuman thinks about Ravana is as follows:

“Other ministers and secretaries who knew the essence of advice and were present before Ravana like gods before Indra, Hanuman saw Ravana of great splendor, like the top of Mount Meru filled with water. Even though Hanuman was being tormented by the clouded, fierce Vikram demons, Hanuman looked at Ravana with great astonishment. Seeing Ravana there decorated, Hanuman was fascinated by his glory and started thinking in his mind, “The form, patience, truth and light of Ravana, the king of demons, is a matter of wonder.” This king of demons is full of all the characteristics, if this strong demon king was not unrighteous, he could have protected heaven and Indra as well. Its deeds are cruel, merciless and condemned by the world, that’s why the whole world including gods and demons is afraid of it. If he is filled with anger, then he can dare to turn the whole world into an ocean. ” Hanuman started worrying like this after seeing the extreme brightness of Ravana, the king of demons. Ravana was filled with great anger. Ravana started meditating upon seeing Hanuman covered with effulgence-“Isn’t this Lord Nandi, who cursed me when I lifted Mount Kailash earlier. He himself may have come in the form of a monkey or it could be Banasura.’ King Ravana, red-eyed with anger, said these timely words to his minister named Prahasta, which were full of different meanings. . “Ask this rascal from where it has come, and what is the reason for its coming here?” Prahasta said after hearing Ravana’s words – “O monkey! you have patience May you be well You should not be afraid. If Indra has sent you to Ravana’s house, then tell me, don’t be afraid, you will be freed, are you the messenger of Kubera, Yama or Varuna and have come to this city in this form. Perhaps you have been sent by Vishnu, desirous of victory, because your brightness is not like that of a monkey. Only you have the form of a monkey. Hey monkey! You tell the truth, only then you will be free, if you lie then it is not possible for you to survive. For whatever reason you have come to Ravana’s house, tell him.” Hearing this, Hanuman replied to the lord of the demons, “I am not the messenger of Indra, Yama or Vishnu, neither I am friends with Kubera nor Vishnu. has sent me here. My caste is only monkey. I have come here only to have a rare glimpse of the demon king Ravana. I have destroyed his forest only to see him, at the same time strong demons desiring war arrived. I faced them in battle to protect my body. Even gods and demons are not able to bind me with weapons and nooses. I have obtained such a boon from the great grandfather Brahma. Only with the desire to see Ravana, the king of the demons, I have accepted the bondage of Brahmastra. I am free from Brahmastra and the demons have tortured me a lot, but I have come to you for some royal work. You know that I am the messenger of Raghav of unlimited brightness. Hey Rajan! You listen to me which is beneficial for you. ”… My name is Hanuman and I am the Auras son of Vayu. With the desire to see Sita, I have come here soon after crossing a hundred Yojana ocean, I have seen Sita in your house while wandering. You have known the principle of religion and have accumulated tenacity. Oh most intelligent! You are not fit to keep another’s wife captive in your house. Intelligent people like you do not do anti-religious, many harmful and basic destructive activities. Who among the Devas and the Asuras can stand before the arrows shot by Lakshmana and which follow the fury of Rama? Hey Rajan! There will be no one in the three worlds who can get happiness by harming Ram. That’s why in all the three times, listen to me, benevolent and according to religion, meaning and return Janaki Nardev to Ram. I have seen Goddess Sita and have achieved rare fame in the world. Ram has to do the work that is left after this. In the state in which I have seen the mournful Sita, she is like a five-headed serpent, you do not know her even after keeping her captive in your place. Even the demons including the devas could not digest Sita in the same way as after eating highly poisoned food, it cannot be digested by strength. It is not justice to destroy your family and wealth that you have achieved by suffering the pain of penance, which is as dear as your life. You are thinking that you have become indestructible by doing penance, even demons and gods cannot kill you, your penance is the reason for this too. Sugriva is neither a god, nor an asura, nor a demon, nor a demon, nor a Gandharva, nor a Yaksha. Hey Rajan! How will you save your life from them? Certainly, by destroying religion, one gets the same result as by doing unrighteousness. There is no doubt that you have attained the fruits of Dharma. You will also get the result of this unrighteousness very soon, think about killing demons and killing Bali in Janasthan. Thinking about the friendship of Ram and Sugriva, think about your own interest, definitely I alone am capable of destroying Lanka along with horses, chariots and elephants, but Ram’s determination is not like this. Rama vows in front of a group of monkeys and bears that he will destroy the enemies who have insulted Sita. If even Indra does disservice to Ram, then he also cannot get happiness, then what is the point of a person like you? The one whom you know by the name of Sita and who is under your control, consider her as Kalaratri which destroys the whole of Lanka, so stay away from the trap of death present in the form of Sita’s body. Don’t tie it around your neck, because you are capable of thinking of your own interests. Look at this Lanka Puri burning with Sita’s glory and suffering from Ram’s anger, which is being destroyed along with the attics and ramparts. Do not destroy your friends, secretaries, caste people, brothers, sons, well-wishers, pleasures, wives and Lanka. O demon king! Hear this truth of mine. Listen especially to me, the monkey’s servant and messenger. The most glorious Rama has the power to destroy all the worlds including all ghosts and non-moving creatures and recreate them in Devas, Asuras, Narendras, Yakshas, ​​Rakshasas, Vidyadharas, all Gandharvas, snakes, Siddhas, eunuchs, Among birds—even among all creatures—there is none who can fight with Rama as mighty as Vishnu. It is rare for you to survive by displeasing the Lord of the entire world, Raj Singh Ram. O Lord of the Nights! Devas, Daityas, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Nagas and Yakshas all together could not stand in battle in front of Rama, the lord of the three worlds. If Ram wants to kill someone in the war, then Chaturanan Swayambhu Brahma, Tripurvinashak Trinetra Rudra, Indra, the king of gods, no one can save him.

Be it Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharit Manas or Anand Ramayana or the language in which emotions are expressed in different Ramayanas written in different languages ​​of the country, it is heart touching and inspiring, but Manoj Muntashir has raised his level by writing street print dialogues. Have dropped it, Hindu sentiments have also been hurt.

The government should immediately remove all those controversial dialogues of the film ‘Adipurush’ which have hurt the sentiments of the Hindu society and the film censor board should also be asked as to how it passed such tapori language dialogues. Manoj Muntashir should also apologize and repent. Sant-Samaj, Hindu organizations and intellectuals will have to unite and raise their voice against the opponents of Hindu religion and society and ensure that no one does such audacity again in future.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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