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National Child Rights Commission Chairman Priyank Kanungo has made a sensational disclosure in the case related to the alleged conversion of school children in Ganga Jamuna School located in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh. According to the Chairman, when the members of the Commission for Protection of Child Rights inspected the school, they found that there is a secret passage to the mosque from inside the school itself. This has fueled fears that children are being forced to recite Islamic prayers at school. Along with this, it has also been learned that the children coming for recruitment in the school were asked to put their photos wearing hijab. Islamic verses were taught to the children before Jana-Gana-Mana. He said that out of a total of 1260 children in the school, 378 were Hindu and 41 belonged to other religions other than Islam, but hijab was compulsory for them too. There were many teachers in the school who used to make sure that the children wear hijab compulsorily. Kanungo told that a letter has been written to Damoh Collector and Superintendent of Police for action in the required sections. It is also written in the letter that students are being taught the wrong geographical map of India, in which half of India has disappeared by tampering with the map of India. The medium of instruction as per school records is English language, Hindi to be used as second language. Whereas Urdu can be used as a third language in the school, but during the inspection the members of the commission found that Urdu was used as a compulsory primary language. Megha Panwar, a member of the Madhya Pradesh Child Protection Commission, also revealed that Hindu children were also being taught subjects related to religion in the syllabus of KG One of Ganga Jamuna School. Things related to Islam were being told to the KG children. Hindu children were being pressurized to memorize it. Photos of Hindu girls wearing hijab had come to the fore in Ganga Jamuna School, after which this whole matter was revealed.

A case of religious conversion has come to the fore in Prayagraj under the guise of a mobile game. The 17-year-old son of a Brahmin family suddenly stopped worshiping and started offering Namaz. The one who used to go to the temple, now went to the tomb and started kissing the text written in Urdu there. At the behest of Muslim friends, the sacred thread was also broken and thrown away. Put on a mesh cap and started listening to Qawwali. The family does not know which mobile game it was. When the mother reached the Moti Lal Nehru Divisional Hospital (Calvin) thinking that her son was mentally ill, the secret of conversion was revealed. The story narrated by the teenager’s mother to the psychiatrists bore striking resemblance to the recent film ‘The Kerala Story’. The name of the teen was not changed, but the rest of the activities changed completely. A woman from Chitrakoot along with five children has been living on rent in Jhalwa of Prayagraj for six years. Husband lives in Chitrakoot. The third son is about 17 years old and used to drive an e-rickshaw. Kishore used to play games on the smartphone. About six months ago, through the game, I befriended the Muslim boys living in Chakia. After this everyone started meeting, then the behavior of the teenager started changing. He used to talk more with Muslim friends on mobile and after going home, he used to play only games. He started listening to Qawwali by putting a flag with the symbol of Muslim religion on the e-rickshaw. When he lost his mobile two weeks ago, he became restless. One day the woman was shocked when she saw her son offering Namaz at home. On Thursday, during worship at home, he started offering Namaz. Worried about the son’s disdain for his religion, the mother mistook him for mental illness and then took him to the hospital, when the conspiracy to convert came to light. The mother told that her son sent his horoscope to Muslim friends on mobile on WhatsApp. After this, photos of parents and other family members, Aadhaar card were also sent. He was also trying to send the papers of the house, but could not do so due to the opposition of the mother. A case of online conversion of a youth has come to light in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Belonging to a Brahmin family, this young man has been offering Namaz for the last four years. He has verses from the Quran written on the walls of his room. It is being told that this change in the young man came after joining a Pakistani YouTuber, who is a motivator. After this, the young man started living disconnected from the family. He used to lock himself in his room most of the time. The matter came to light when he attacked his father for stopping him from offering Namaz. After this, the victim’s father reached the police. The matter of association of the youth with some Islamic organizations is also coming to the fore. In view of this, the police have taken him into custody.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, in a meeting with senior police officers, directed them to take strict action in the cases of ‘Love Hijad’ regarding the increasing cases of ‘Love Jihad’ and religious conversion. Dhami told reporters here that people of different religions live peacefully in Uttarakhand, but things like ‘love jihad’ will not be tolerated. Such crimes are being committed under a conspiracy, but now people are coming out openly against it. It may be noted that in the last few weeks, about half a dozen incidents of Muslim youths allegedly attempting to abduct minor Hindu girls have come to light from Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Haridwar districts, in which the youths hide their religious identity to befriend Hindu girls. Was.

The way cases of religious conversion have come to the fore in the country in various ways, it has come to the fore as a serious issue. Where both the society and the government need to make people aware about the above issue, the government should enact strict laws at the national level regarding ‘Love Jihad’ and religious conversion.

In order to stop the misconceptions being spread against Hindus at the world level and the poison being spewed against Hindu religion, the Hindu society, especially the Sadhus and Saints, should come forward and accept the challenge and spread awareness among the young generation by campaigning about Hindu religion. should do.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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