Converted people are returning to their original religion, attraction towards Sanatan Dharma is increasing rapidly.


The Western New Year begins with the change to the Gregorian calendar. People make plans to improve themselves with new ideas in the new year. Many innovations are made regarding life and goals, but if we tell you that some people have kept their plans and goals the same for a long time. So you will say, he is doing his work as per his own wish, what does it matter to us? But if his words were positive then it would have been nothing. Their motives are negative, which is a matter of concern for everyone.

You will be surprised to know that some people of different sects have been working continuously for a long time, keeping the objective of religious conversion as their priority. He works to include citizens with himself by demeaning other religions and insulting gods and goddesses. Many such cases have come to light in media reports from across the country, on the basis of which it can be said that innocent people were being converted, sometimes by luring them with money and sometimes by promising them medical facilities. Is. Sometimes they are converted into Christians and sometimes into Muslims. Christians are more dominant in this race.

Not much attention was paid to these for a long time, hence ‘conversions’ took place on a large scale in the country. After the awareness against this in recent years, results have started emerging. Its truth has been revealed to the whole world. The game of ‘conversion’ has now become public knowledge. Sanatan has reached every person. As a result, people trapped in temptations have now started returning to their original religion. Recently, when Tamil Nadu Youth Welfare and Sports Development Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin talked about abolishing Sanatan, he faced protests across the country. Effigies of Udhayanidhi were burnt at many places and demands for action against him were raised.

There is a lot of discussion about Sanatan, who plays a role in the lives of people, and countries around the world are doing their work based on his teachings. Everyone’s acceptance towards it is increasing in the world. As already mentioned, the people who were lured into ‘conversion’ are now coming back to their religion and are proud of being Hindus. In the year 2023, there were many such occasions in Madhya Pradesh when converted families returned home. He said that people of other religions had seduced him and included him in their sect, but now he is getting out of their clutches.

Let us see some cases of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2023, where people have returned to their original religion-

19 February 2023: 220 people returned to their religion after reaching Bageshwar Dham in Chhatarpur. These people had come from nearby villages in four buses. All 220 people were made to return home after wearing yellow colored plaques. Some of the people from the families who arrived here said that they had been lured into becoming Christians. Someone told that first he was married to a Christian girl, but she did not come home and said that she would come home only after becoming a Christian. All these families united and reached Bageshwar Dham where they returned to Hinduism.

29 March 2023: 8 people of the family of village Dhamanda under Jhabua returned to their original religion. The family told that he was ill earlier, taking advantage of this, someone lured him with health facilities and took him to Christianity. He was converted to Christianity nine years ago. While staying there, he realized that his Sanatan Dharma was better, after which all the family members decided to return home. The entire family reached Mahadev Dham in Kokavad village, where they returned to their original religion after performing special prayers.

30 April 2023: The story of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham was going on in Baheria of Sagar district. During the Katha, 95 people from 50 families returned home here. It was told in media reports that poor people were converted into Christians by giving them mosquito nets and goats along with allurement of studies etc. When he came here to listen to the story, he felt a desire to remain in his religion, after which he returned home during the story. Everyone said that their religion is good.

31 July 2023: 190 people returned home in Nemawar village of Dewas. All these people belonging to 35 families returned to Sanatan Dharma in the company of Sant Samaj. Some of them told that their ancestors used to beg and they had become Muslims for some reason. But now he wants to return to his own religion because his own religion is the best. After which, after taking Narmada bath, Mundan, Havan, Yagyopaveet etc. rituals in Nemavar, he returned to his original religion.

22 December 2023: Citizens of villages adjoining Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra left Christianity and again adopted Hinduism. On this day 152 people living here returned home. These include 72 people from Betul and 80 people from more than 12 villages adjoining Amravati district of Maharashtra. They all reached Ramdev Baba Sansthan in Savalmendha. When he told about his return to his original religion, they tied Kalawa on his hands, gave him Ganga water to drink and washed his feet and congratulated him on his decision to return to his original religion.

These are just a few cases from Madhya Pradesh. If you look across the country, their number will increase further. The game of ‘conversion’ is being played very well, that is why people are now being seen returning to their original religion on a large scale. The pinnacle of Sanatan is reaching within every person. The world is considering itself blessed by benefiting from all the life guidelines it provides. At the same time, with the beginning of the path of conversion of converts, ‘Victory to righteousness, destruction of unrighteousness’ seems to be resonating.

-Saurabh Tameshwari

The author is a young journalist

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