Corona’s new strain ‘Ya’ found in the country: ‘WHO’ information


Pudhari Online Desk : The new strain of corona, named BA.2.86, has been found in Israel, Denmark, America, Britain, Switzerland and South Africa, said the World Health Organization (WHO) chief official. There is no possibility of a devastating wave of severe disease and death due to the immunity built up worldwide by vaccination and half-exposure, as clarified by the ‘WHO’ officials, as reported by ‘Reuters’. (COVID variant)

The team of researchers has alerted about another new type of corona after ARIS. According to the report of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a new strain of corona, BA.2.86, has been detected. Cases have been reported in several countries, including Israel, Denmark and the United States.

The ‘WHO’ research team said that this could be one of the most mutated strains of corona. CDC experts said that we are investigating the nature of the virus or the new strain. This is a very new type, that’s why not much information is available about it till now. Amendments are being made to understand this. We are more prepared to find new strains of the coronavirus than in the future, said CDC spokeswoman Kathleen Conley. (COVID variant)

It is definitely difficult to say how dangerous this type will be compared to the current virus strain. BA.2.86 is said to have a higher mutation rate than the ARIS variant, which has led to a rapid increase in infection rates in many countries.

Maria van Kerkhove of the WHO Tantric Alliance said about BA.2.86, “The numbers are still lacking.” Scientists are testing how well the updated COVID-19 vaccine will work against BA.2.86. The vaccine is better at preventing serious illness and death than reinfection.” (COVID variant)

Dr. Nirav Shah, US The Chief Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that, last week, in the first week, Naveen sat with the scientists. Till August 23, nine such cases have been found and similar types have been found in Switzerland. Current tests and drugs are effective against BA.2.86. This variant may be more capable of infecting people who have been vaccinated and those who have previously had COVID-19, say evaluations. Due to this, there is no proof that more serious diseases are caused by dry bananas.

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